Clubber’s Guide to Europe

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Cave paintings over 9000 years old prove that dance has existed since the prehistoric eras. Many things have changed in that time, one thing has not – the human need to bust a move. In honour of this, we’ve compiled a list of the best European hotspots for showcasing your fancy footwork. Covering everything from exclusive beach bars along the Croatian coast to the 24-hour mayhem of Berlin’s nightlife. Pack your glad rags – let us go on a journey. 


For many of us the party scene on the Greek island of Mykonos is synonymous with that post college blow out. You know the one, when a tidal wave of 18-year-olds adorn themselves with neon paint and vessels of Bacardi, before inevitably plastering their bodies with unwanted tattoos and lifelong regrets. However, this gobsmackingly gorgeous island has more to say for itself than that. With international DJ lineups set on white sand beaches and cosy bars catering for those intimate moments, it’s not hard to steer clear of rambunctious revellers. Head to Cavo Paradiso Club and Tropicana Beach Bar for a touch of that authentic Mykonos night out. 


Ahh, Berlin. Where to even begin? This world famous clubbing mecca unites everyone from stag do Stan to trendy Wendy under one glorious bratwurst filled roof. The sprawling brutalist expanse that is Berlin entices ravers with its varied and late late nightlife. Dare you wait in line for Berghain? This exclusive club is hard to get into, with potential entrants sticking it out in the queue for multiple hours. Once inside it’s rumoured to cater for all your weird and wonderful clubbing fantasies. If you are after a more low-key experience head to the rooftop car park bar, Klunkerkranich for panoramic city views and live acoustic sets.


The capital city of Prague boasts colourful baroque buildings, picturesque squares, and an intricate astronomical clock. Sound whimsical? Agreed, it does look like Snow White could be found flogging apples on a street corner, but I’m here to tell you that Prague has a far grittier side. With its astoundingly cheap booze and a plethora of diverse clubbing spots, Prague is a must for any partygoer. Hit Vzorkovna for a night of trendy jam jar beverages, live jazz and a massive wolfhound… Yes, you read that right. Alternatively, head to Europe’s biggest club, Karlovy Lazne, for five floors of literally any genre you fancy. Make sure you grab a crater of goulash for that post night out recovery mission. 


The characterful city of Dubrovnik is known for its romantic cobbled streets and awe-inspiring oceanic views. Often associated with honeymooners and families, you wouldn’t necessarily expect a booming nightlife. On the contrary, this surprising clubbing hotspot will sort out anyone in the market for a boogie. Grab a cocktail and a sea view seat at the Banje Beach Nightclub, where you can expect live music and deluxe treatment. Alternatively, swing by Culture Club Revelin if you fancy an early hours rager. 


When people think of cities in England they often don’t get much further than the capital. However, with the gastronomical price of… well, everything in London, people have started to appreciate alternative places. Manchester has become a trendy go-to for night-time revellers, with the draw of the north’s cheap drinks, reasonable accommodation, and vast variety of clubs. Anyone can curate their ideal night, from Matt and Phred’s Jazz Club to the open cabaret, Creatures of Catharsis, which is a jewel among the alt queer clubbing scene. Manchester is where it’s at in England. Sorry London!


Would any European-based clubbing guide dare to forgo Ibiza – the true king of the parties? From sleepy coastal villages to the world renowned nightlife of Ibiza Town, people love the malleability of relaxing on the beach by day and raging by night. Having topped up the tan on Cala Tarida, your most wearisome decision will be which club to hit first. An unmissable night can be had at Ibiza Rocks – with BBC Radio takeovers and international DJ sets, you are unlikely to be disappointed. If you are after a more low-key night, head to Dado Bar for authentic Balearic music and a refreshing beer.