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Malta’s Summer of Music

You may not have been aware of it, but every summer the sunny Mediterranean islands of Malta come alive with the sound of music! Combined with the fantastic climate and…

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Eat your way around Malta

Like most of the Mediterranean, Malta is obsessed with food. From the humble pastizzis (a cheese and pea filled pastry allegedly based on the Cornish pasty) to the more rustic…

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Up and Coming Mediterranean Resorts

You might think there’s nowhere new in the Mediterranean, but these sun-kissed shores still hold some surprises! From remote coasts and sleepy fishing towns that are now appearing on the…

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Top 10 Malta Must Sees!

For a small rocky island in the southern Mediterranean, Malta packs a lot in. This small archipelago boasts hugely contrasting landscapes with prehistoric temples, glistening cliffs, hidden coves, top-notch diving…