Off The Beaten Track In…Amsterdam!

Now you might think that wandering off the beaten track in a city like Amsterdam might lead you down a crimson- hued road of ruin, flanked by scantily clad ladies of the night and varying strains of hydroponically enriched horticulture. Get your mind out of the gutter, child! Amsterdam has much more to offer than mind-altering cafe culture, pretty buildings and that district. Here are our top five spots for getting away from the tourist hoards.

The Jordaan

Image by kevindooley

If you fancy chilling out in a cafe but don’t want to bulldozeredĀ  by mental tourists wielding cameras like wooden clubs, this lovely area might be just the ticket. The former working class district is now a mess of quaint cafes, little shops, and restaurants, and there’s lots of odd little art galleries just made for whiling away pleasant afternoons.

The Tulip Museum

Image by NomadicMatt

Found in a tulip shop (yes, really!), the Tulip Museum explains the infamous tulip craze in Holland. Quirky, a bit weird and a nice way to pass an hour in the ‘dam; you can probably draw your own conclusions why the tourist hoards aren’t beating down its doors.

Cafe Hesp

Image by miss.libertine

A favourite with locals, this intimate little cafe near Amstel station has an authentic atmosphere and a lovely riverside terrance that is perfect for catching late afternoon rays. It’s tucked away, meaning that its not frequented by tourists; here you’ll find real life Amsterdammers kissing, arguing, drinking and putting the world to rights.


Tell them what you like at this (admittedly rather expensive) restaurant and they will make up a five course menu for you. Cuisine is French/Belgian/Dutch and delicious, and wine is specially selected for you by their clever in-house sommelier. Something a bit different, and you’ll find real locals in here.


This is a fantastic little photography exhibition centre that shows beautiful images by both world famous photographers like Richard Avedon as well as up and coming talent, and there’s a tranquil garden to relax in after you’ve drank in all that culture. It’s in the main part of the city but doesn’t attract big crowds.