Embrace Your Quirky Side In Mexico City

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Mexico City has quite literally too many things to offer – it is exploding with sites to see, restaurants to eat at, cultures to embrace and drinks to guzzle down.

If you are lucky enough to visit, I wouldn’t waste your time staring up at all the gorgeous architechture and trying to drink in all the sights. Instead, in order to make the most out of your visit you need to embrace your quirky side and visit the slightly weirder and wackier attractions for an experience that you will be sure never to forget!

Give Yourself Goosebumps With A Trip To Isla De Las Muñecas

mexico city Isla de las Munecas
[Photo by Esparta Palma – Flickr]

The outskirts of Mexico City are full of floating gardens (otherwise known as chinampas), usually ornamental gardens full of flowers and shrubbery. However, perhaps the most well known of these is Isla De La Muñecas (Island of the Dolls).

The story goes that Don Julian Santana, the former caretaker of this garden, saw a girl drown in the canal and then later found a doll in the exact same spot. He hung the doll up as a shrine to the girl, and then all those dolls which washed up or were found on the island. Years later, it is claimed that the caretaker himself was found drowned in the same spot where the original girl died. Whether you believe the stories or not, it is certainly a sight to behold!

Pretend To Be Frida Kahlo In Her Childhood Home

mexico city Museo Frida Kahlo
[Photo by Kyle Magnuson – Flickr]

Going to see something of Frida Kahlo’s should be compulsory whilst in Mexico City – her art captures the spirit of the city so well. In order to really get to understand Kahlo and her work travel to the Frida Kahlo Museum in the Colonia Del Carmen neighbourhood where she grew up, lived for a while with her husband (Diego Rivera) and ultimately died.

The museum features many of her works and some of other artists. However, we recommend reading up on the artist in advance or watching the film of the same name so that you can really imagine what it would have been like to be her in that gorgeous blue house.

Eat Dinner Over The Pyramids Of Teotihuacan

mexico city dinner in the sky
[Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns – Flickr]

Dinner In The Sky is becoming more and more of a well known concept – with diners being suspended high above the ground below whilst they enjoy a sumptious dinner allowing them to drink in incredible views for miles around.

Whilst we agree that this would be incredible even in rainy London, experiencing it whilst looking out over the Teotihuacan pyramids would be truly breathtaking. The next of these events is to occur on the 10th and 11th October with breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Such a remarkable event is likely to sell out quickly, so it is definitely worth looking at tickets in advance. It would certainly be a novel way to cure any fear of heights.

Visit A Sinking Art Gallery

mexico city ex teresa arte actual
[Photo by Omar Bárcena – Flickr]

Not unlike Venice, Mexico City is sinking rapidly – it is built atop a former lake and inevitably some buildings are starting to show some signs of severe damage. However, the inhabitants of this sprawling city show absolutely no sign of letting this ruin their fun.

To witness this mixture of erosion, and continuation of celebration head to the Ex Teresa Arte Actual, an art gallery which is situated in a precarious old convent which is quite clearly cracking up. As well as being a museum, it also houses concerts and outdoor cinema events to allow visitors to soak up the true atmosphere of the place.

Eat Insect Tacos

Mexico City Escamoles
[Photo by Cristiano Oliveira – Flickr]

There are a number of creepy crawlies for the adventurous to eat in Mexico City, from fried crickets to stink bugs that are eaten live. For those who are new to the bug eating game, we would recommend Escamoles, which are ant larvae and have a buttery, nutty taste not unlike cottage cheese. These are often eaten in tacos meaning that you can hide them from yourself as you take that all important first mouthful. They really are quite yummy and you can’t truly say that you have sampled the cuisine in Mexico City without having tried some bug or other first.

For a thoroughly classy experience head to San Angel Inn where you can enjoy a chilled Margarita in the courtyard with your Escamoles.

Worship At The Shrine Of The Santa Muerte

mexico city santa muerte
[Photo by Omar Bárcena – Flickr]

Death is still treated with some reverence in areas of Mexico – it is seen as something both to be afraid of but also admired and this is most clearly seen in the celebration of the Santa Muerte, the saint of death. This is absolutely 100% in contravention of the Catholic Church’s belief which proclaims that all idolation of this saint is wrong, so for a long while the worship of the Santa Muerte took place in homes alone.

However, recently idols have been springing up around the city including the most famous one in Tepito which was set up 12 years ago by Enriqueta Romero, a local to the neighbourhood. These statues tend to be of skeletons adorned with wigs, shawls, and jewellery. Miniatures of these figures are fast becoming some of Mexico City’s most popular souvenirs.


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