Rock and Stroll…

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Whilst we like to keep you informed and mentally stimulated here at dealchecker, we also sometimes just like gratuitously pretty pictures of lovely scenery. And we know you do too. With the current climate (cold) and our current mood as a reuslt of said climate (miserable), it can be tempting to rabbit on about beaches and palm trees like there’s no tomorrow. But in the spirit of being proud to be British, we thought we’d treat you to some pictures of the prettiest corners of England. Whether you’re North or South or everything in between, take your car, drive it into the wilderness, pull on your hiking boots and treat your eyes to the countryside equivalant of sticky toffee pudding. Here are some of our favourite countryside corners of England…

The Lake District


England’s largest National Park includes its highest mountain, Scafell Pike, Wastwater – its deepest lake and pretty, quaint towns like Keswick and Bowness for you to while away the time should hiking for hours prove a chore.

The Cotswolds


The Cotswolds are one of the most typically English, pastoral and and pretty areas to be found in England today. Ramshackle houses, gorgeous greenery and ducks galore – what’s not to love?!

New Forest


The New Forest is one of the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pasture land in the country and is very flat, so excellent for casual strolls! There is also apparently a 95% chance that you will see a horse whilst in the New Forest. That part may not be true.

The Peak District


A walkers paradise, the Peak District is a haven of steep, beautiful stones, panoramic views and sweeping horizons – the perfect place aqaint those ne’er used boots with the cold hard ground they’re meant for!

The Ribble Valley


The Ribble Valley is in Lancashire and is known for its sweeping vistas, gorgeous glens and farms for miles. Pendle Hill, fabled home of the Witches of Pendle in the fifteenth century or thereabouts, is a fantastic place to go for a long, head clearing stroll. Having enjoyed a few walks there myself, I can vouch for its wondrous prettiness!

The Chilterns

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Chilterns are (predictably) famed for their breathtaking scenery and are (also predictably) a hot spot for keen hikers! Only a few miles north west of London, the area boasts rolling hills, great views, beautiful beechwoods and quaint villages and is lovely at this time of year – so stop being lazy and go cause those hills some pain.