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Deciding to staycation is one thing, but finding a destination is another. Here, we take a look at spots in the UK to suit every traveller, from fun lovers to foodie fiends!

Fun – Brighton

There isn’t one destination in the UK that is more quirky, fun, or unorthodox than beautiful Brighton. Home to the country’s most popular Pride event and one of few remaining pleasure piers in the UK, Brighton is the place to be if you are looking for a good time no matter your age. Expect panoramic views of the city and out to sea from the i360, enjoy bags of warm sugary donuts and hours of fun at the arcade on the pier, and if you are over the age of 18, look forward to a fantastic night out on the town. During the day, explore The Lanes, where you will discover everything from independent jewellers and antiques shops, to vintage clothing stores and adult boutiques! There’s nothing boring about this place!

Green – New Forest


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Have you been thinking about getting back to nature since lockdown? The New Forest is a great place to do that. With wild ponies let loose on the land and deer roaming the forests, the New Forest is a staycation destination where you can truly switch off. Days can be spent soaking up the quiet of being below the canopy of green leaves or enjoying Lymington where you’ll find quaint boutiques and can enjoy a tipple beside the Solent. Evenings can be spent at one of many restaurants that advocate local produce and fresh ingredients. If you do have the opportunity to visit this wonderfully green part of the UK, do yourself a favour and switch off your phone. There’s nothing quite like enjoying the sunset while sipping on a glass of rosé and soaking up the stillness.

Foodie – London


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It’s no secret that the UK has become a melting pot of beautiful cultures, and that makes for a fabulous variety of cuisines to choose from whenever you step out of your front door. And while we are lucky to enjoy a plethora of Michelin-starred restaurants throughout the country, there is nowhere more primed for a feast than our fabulous capital. Food from all corners of the globe can be found here. Vietnamese, Portuguese, Caribbean – you want it? You got it! London is home to some of the world’s most luxurious restaurants, serving up food cooked by world-renowned chefs, while just around the corner you might find a food cart offering exceptional tacos. No matter your taste and budget, you will always find a restaurant in London to suit your needs. That’s why it’s our ultimate choice for a foodie escape.

Historic – Edinburgh


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Fancy getting a little education out of your next staycation? Then how does a dose of Scottish history sound? A fabulous place to discover more about this wonderful country is its fantastic capital, Edinburgh. Here you can discover an ancient castle with medieval roots and indulge in a whisky tasting experience, where you will try a variety of blends from around the Highlands and islands of Scotland. Take a walk up to Arthur’s Seat, an iconic vantage point in Edinburgh, where the first signs of human contact date back to 900 BC. Now that may seem like a long time ago, but it is believed that the first signs of human settlement in Edinburgh date back to 8500 BC on Castle Rock – that’s before the pyramids were built and before the Ice Age! Now don your kilt and finish your neeps and tatties – you’ve got a staycation to plan!

Active – Lake District


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You’ve been stuck in your house for over a year. So it’s time to get up, get out and get active! A great place to get stuck in is the Lake District: with mountains hikes aplenty and the opportunity to wild swim in the serene lakes, staycations don’t get more active than this. In the Lake District you can go kayaking, abseiling, white water tubing, ghyll scrambling – do you even know what half of this stuff is? We do! And it looks like an adrenaline-inducing day of fun. Days can be finished in one of many beautiful hotels, or – if you fancy going the whole hog – in the comfort of your own tent! You’ll be exposed to the unpredictable elements of Cumbria, but that’s what adventure is all about, right?

Families – Cornwall


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By now, you’ll know that we dealcheckers are big fans of Cornwall, and during summer there’s no better spot to be in the UK. With unrivalled beaches, the longest coastline in the UK, and pasties, it makes for a fabulous family escape. Whether it’s a multi-generational, young, or grown-up family you are holidaying with, all groups will enjoy a trip to Cornwall. There are hundreds of flavours of Cornish ice cream to keep the littl’ns happy, and a variety of unique eateries that will satisfy the most distinguished palate. Surf on the north coast, or paddleboard on the calmer shores of the south coast. While you’ll always be able to find a spot to sunbathe on one of the many beaches on offer in Cornwall, you just might struggle for a place to park. Our advice is… get up early! After all, you’ll have more time to enjoy the sun!