Finding Nemo: The World’s Best Aquariums

I always find myself in a bit of a quandary when I’m on city holidays…should I stick to the cultural attractions on my list or should I deviate and visit the aquarium? I love seeing the beautiful fish, learning about the local species and even squealing at those who aren’t quite as good looking as the rest (aka the ugly fish).

So here for your very own viewing pleasure are some of the world’s biggest aquariums to tempt you away from your sightseeing agenda, as well as one in the UK, just perfect for a weekend jaunt.

The Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, USA

georgia aquarium

by digitizedchaos

At 6.3 million gallons, the Georgia Aquarium boasts the largest aquarium tank in the world, and it’s the only place to house whale sharks outside Asia, which has generated a lot of publicity about animal cruelty. But after a faltering start they seem to be happy in their new home. With over 100,000 fish and underwater creatures to spot you can be sure you’re in for a busy day and the loggerhead turtles and coral reef exhibits are always popular.


L’Oceanografic, Valencia, Spain


by Nestosjp

Valencia is an up-and-coming destination and this aquarium adds to the attractions in the City of Arts and Sciences in this Spanish city. A wide variety of marine habitats are represented here so you’ll be able to spot fish from all over the world. There are mangroves, a Red Sea exhibit, the Arctic and more and you can see walruses and beluga whales amongst a host of smaller creatures.


uShaka Marine World, Durban, South Africa

uShaka Marine World Aquarium

by Mister E

The aquarium is just one of the attractions at this watery theme park complex! Not content with having the largest aquarium in South Africa offering creatures from sea horses to dolphin shows and penguins, there is more too. A water park with thrilling rides will up the adrenaline stakes or you can even take a shark dive if you really want to be scared whilst on holiday!


Aquarium of Genoa, Italy


by Francesco Crippa

One of Europe’s largest aquariums, the focus here is on habitats and conservation. The Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean are just some of areas you can visit whilst on holiday in Italy. Enjoy the sharks, dolphins and seals and learn more about where they live and how we can keep them safe in the oceans, all in a beautifully designed building in Genoa.

Website (Italian only)

The Deep, Hull, UK

Costal beacon

by air babble

“The world’s only Submarium” offers a different aquarium experience. The majority of the species are contained in one big tank that stretches deep underground, so that you can see the fish that naturally live at the surface, then those a little further down, and even some fish who like some pretty high pressures! Other exhibits keeps a variety of creatures safe and you can even explore back in time. Your visit finishes with a lift journey back up through the main tank.


top image by DarlaMack