Five Bucket List Destinations to Travel to in 2023

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Our bucket list locations are growing more and more every year… Perhaps 2023 is the time to begin ticking some of them off! Whether you’re looking for a relaxing and balmy holiday destination, or you’re in search of a place with an icy climate and wintry feel, we have you covered! 

Vis, Croatia

While the much-loved film Mamma Mia is set on the Greek island of Kalokairia, it was actually filmed on the island of Vis in Croatia – fans of the franchise may have already put this dreamy destination on their travel bucket lists due to its cinematic value, blissful scenery, and sparkling clear waters. Stiniva Cove is a standout spot where you can hike to a viewpoint then take a dip in the crystal waters. There’s a variety of tours you can sign up to on the island too, so you can see the best of this more remote part of Croatia with ease.

photo of the coastline and beachfront in vis croatia

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is a tropical paradise packed with aesthetic appeal. The islands in Zanzibar are often referred to as the ‘spice islands’ due to the range of spices that are produced there, making this location a hotspot for foodies. This destination also boasts balmy weather: temperatures tend to range from 24°C to 32°C throughout the year, even in the coldest months! White-sand beaches surround this breathtaking isle, making Zanzibar an ideal holiday destination for people seeking a warm and relaxing holiday enriched with culture. 

photo of a beach in zanzibar with crystal blue waters and a boat floating

Patagonia, South America

Patagonia is a large area of South America that spans over one million square kilometres and stretches through the regions of both Argentina and Chile. While Chilean Patagonia is stunning, Argentinian Patagonia tends to be more popular with tourists visiting the mesmerising mountain range. This destination is truly a photographer’s dream due to its spectacular scenery and aquamarine waters. While this location is particularly picturesque, it is a colder holiday destination where temperatures tend to reach highs of 22°C in the summer months, and lows of 0°C in the winter. Patagonia is also well known for its whale watching excursions – Valdes Peninsula is rumoured to be the best place to see whales in Patagonia, and if you’re lucky you may also see some orcas!

photo of the mountains at sunset in patagonia

Ecuador, South America

Ecuador is famous for its vibrant horticulture and range of native animals, and is home to the Amazon rainforest and the breathtaking Galapagos Islands. There are endless things to do in Ecuador and a range of excursions, including visiting the city of Baños de Agua Santa, where you can admire its rich history and culture, or walk the trails to the Tungurahua volcano! The Galapagos Islands also offer some incredible experiences, including swimming with turtles while surrounded by inimitable scenery. 

photo of a wooden bridge in a rainforest in ecuador with a waterfall in the background


Antarctica is a mesmerising continent commonly visited on cruises, which typically stop at the Antarctic Peninsula. There are a variety of places worth visiting in Antarctica, including Ross Island, which is home to four volcanoes and some spectacular viewpoints. Peter I Island is one of the most remote islands in the world, and is home to Adélie penguins, Chinstrap penguins, and a range of seal species. There are a number of cosy log cabins and camps where you can stay to fully experience this destination. Accommodation can be booked via the White Desert website.

photo of some icy mountains and an iceburg floating in the ocean in antarctica