Five Island Getaways That Would Make Moana Proud

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Moana may have come out in 2016, but frankly Dwayne Johnson’s rendition of ‘You’re Welcome’ has stuck with us. It’s just so catchy! You might remember that Moana’s quest takes her from island to island in Polynesia, and this song in particular just makes us want to join her. Maybe it’s the references to sun, sea and sky; maybe it’s just the upbeat tempo, either way, we’ve been dreaming of an island escape, and we reckon it’s high time to figure out just where to go!

Mo’orea, French Polynesia


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Heart-shaped and just a few minutes from the capital city of Papeete, Mo’orea’s a firm favourite with visitors. Verdant mountains tower out of the glittering lagoon, producing an environment that’s at once adventure-filled and relaxed. Swim with rays and snorkel with reef sharks (if you’re feeling brave!) before stretching out on the pristine sand. Add to this the welcoming Tahitian residents, and you have an island escape you’ll never want to leave!

To get there: Hop on a flight to Tahiti then opt for either a speedy seven-minute flight or a half-hour speedboat over to the island.

Aitutaki, Cook Islands


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If you’re already in that area of the world, you could extend your trip a bit and hop over to the Cook Islands. There are weekly flights from Tahiti to Rarotonga, but don’t fret if you’re in another region: you can still get there! In contrast to Mo’orea, you’re unlikely to find many sharks in the Aitutaki lagoon, so if you’re a bit nervous about them, this is a great option! You will, however, find rays and turtles patrolling the waters – who could resist the lure of these cute critters? Spend any non-beach time wandering up to the top of Maunga Pu hill, or jump on a boat to one of the tiny uninhabited satellite islands like Tapuaetai. Why not pack a picnic and play at desert island?

To get there: Get yourself to Rarotonga – there are daily flights from Auckland, and weekly options from Sydney, Tahiti, and Los Angeles – then jet off on the daily flight to Aitutaki with Air Rarotonga.

Exuma, Bahamas


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OK, this is more a collection of islands, but we just couldn’t pick one! For a twist on your usual picture-perfect beach shots, head over to Big Major Cay – otherwise known as Pig Beach! We’re sure you’ve seen the snaps: friendly, contented pigs and piglets frolicking in the crystal-clear water next to delighted visitors. If you’re after a more typical island getaway, opt for somewhere on Great Exuma or Little Exuma (these are connected by bridges), which should cut down on the travel time!

To get there: Whizz over to Nassau, then fly from there to Georgetown International Airport on Great Exuma. 

Jaco Island, Timor Leste


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This uninhabited island is really, truly off the beaten path. It’s sacred to local people, so you won’t find anywhere to stay – but visiting is encouraged. That’s if you can get there… Sitting at the eastern point of Timor Leste, this islet boasts spectacularly azure waters and a couple of temples – but the main draw is the idea of having an island all to yourself! 

To get there: Fly into Dili, the capital of Timor Leste, then hire a car. You can make it down via public transport, but you’re likely to find it unreliable and quite a bit slower. Once you reach Valu Beach, ditch the car and ask a local fisherman to whizz you across the short stretch to Jaco Island, and come back for you at a set time. Better ask nicely! 

Formentera, Spain


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This one’s a bit of a curveball, we know. It’s not especially remote, and you won’t have to cross several time zones to get there – in fact, you can just hop on a ferry in Ibiza to make it across. Still, when you arrive, you’ll find palm-lined beaches and laid-back vibes, as well as incredible snorkelling opportunities in the sparkling Mediterranean sea. There are no high-rises allowed, but you will find a couple of small independent hotels if you fancy staying a night or two. 

To get there: Pop over from Ibiza for a break from the partying!


What a delightful selection of islands! You know what? You’re welcome.