Five Mocktails to Try this Dry January

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2024 is here and in true ‘new year, new me’ fashion, many people are partaking in dry January following the typically boozy Christmas period. While it’s great to give your liver a break, why not trick your tastebuds by making some of these delicious and easy mocktails?

Watermelon ‘Nojito’

The mojito is a refreshing cocktail that is loved by many and enjoyed throughout the year. The classic mojito combines white rum with zesty lime, fresh mint and sugar syrup to create a simple yet mouthwatering drink. To make a tasty alcohol-free alternative, try muddling some fresh watermelon alongside lime and mint to add a twist to this tipple. If you don’t like the flavour of watermelon then fear not, as you can also make this cocktail with raspberries, mango or any fruit of your choosing.

2 cups of fresh watermelon
30 ml lime juice 
20 ml simple syrup/ sugar syrup
14 mint leaves (12 for the cocktail and two for garnish)
Soda water
Crushed ice

Watermelon mojito

Non-Alcoholic Lemon Drop Martini

This tangy mocktail is great for those who love all things citrus. For this alcohol-free version of the lemon drop martini, you’ll need a lemon, golden caster sugar, alcohol-free gin, white wine vinegar, ice and marmalade. Begin by dipping the lip of your glass into some water and then coat it with lemon zest and sugar to add a hint of sweetness to every sip. Add ice to your shaker before pouring in 15 millilitres of fresh lemon juice, your alcohol-free gin and a generous spoonful of marmalade before shaking vigorously. 

Lemon zest
15 ml fresh lemon juice
1 tbsp golden caster sugar
A heaped tbsp marmalade

Lemondrop martini

Virgin Spicy Margarita

If, like us, you love a slightly sour cocktail with a hint of spice then this fiery virgin margarita recipe could be for you. Much like the classic margarita, this recipe relies heavily on fresh lime juice and calls for a salted rim. As for the spice, we recommend making your sugar syrup with a twist by adding fresh jalapeños and coriander to your pot. After adding ice to your shaker you can then combine these ingredients and shake thoroughly before straining, pouring, and finally garnishing your drink with a slice of jalapeño and a lime wedge. You can spice up the edge of your glass by adding chilli flakes to the salt before dipping for an extra kick. 

45 ml fresh lime juice
60 ml jalapeño and coriander sugar syrup
Top with tonic water

Slice of jalapeño
Lime wedge 
Sea salt
Chilli flakes 

Sugar syrup:
Two cups of water 
Two cups of granulated sugar 
Fresh coriander leaves
Fresh jalapeño sliced

Spicy margarita

Virgin Pina Colada

When we think of a pina colada, we think of summer days abroad and sipping cocktails on the beachfront, so why not transport yourself to warmer climes by making this alcohol-free version at home? This simple yet delicious recipe calls for fresh pineapple juice, coconut milk, lime juice, icing sugar and a slice of fresh lime to garnish. Simply combine these ingredients before pouring them over ice and enjoy! It couldn’t be easier. 

100 ml fresh pineapple juice
100 ml coconut milk
Lime juice
1 tsp icing sugar
Lime slice

Pina colada

Alcohol-Free Sangria

This flavourful and fruity alcohol-free sangria is certain to be a hit amongst those partaking in dry January. Not only is this recipe very easy to make, but it’s also delicious and doesn’t differ too much from the real thing. The fruity flavours typically dominate alcoholic sangria which means that the alcohol-free version isn’t too dissimilar in taste. We recommend making a pitcher of this cocktail to make top-ups a breeze and garnishing it with the fruits of your choice and a sprig of mint. 

Grape juice
Cranberry juice 
Orange juice
Chopped fruit
Soda water
Fresh mint

Sangria pitcher