Five of the Most Popular European Routes Amongst Interrailers

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Interrailing is a fun way to travel around the world without breaking the bank on long-haul flights and plush hotel stays. While you can interrail all over, Europe is one of the most popular continents among travellers looking to tick a fair few destinations off  their bucket lists. Although there are a number of suggested itineraries that can be found online, the beauty of interrailing is that you can choose to alter your route to fit your preferences, so you can make  stops in all of the destinations that you wish to visit. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular interrailing routes, all of which are compatible with the global interrailing pass. You can use Trainline throughout your travels to quickly and conveniently book your next train journey, while on the go or in advance.

Western Europe to Eastern Europe

This route is very popular among tourists travelling around Europe as it allows them to tick off a number of the continent’s  best loved destinations, including bustling cities and sunny shores. Typically, interrailers will begin their journey in London before stopping at Paris, Munich, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sofia, and Istanbul! This particular route provides a fantastic balance between  the fast-paced and the laid-back, since travellers can work their way through some of Europe’s most iconic cities before kicking back with a book on a Croatian beach. While this route can be completed within two weeks, we recommend taking a month-long trip to ensure that you have enough time in each destination to explore fully and make the most of your time, especially as many of your days will be spent travelling between locations! The beaches in Zagreb and Istanbul are absolutely glorious, best enjoyed during summer. This being said, this is also a wonderful route to complete during the winter months, when Munich and Paris are aglow with Christmas lights and the festive markets are in full swing, making for a cosy and fun-filled getaway.

  1. London, Great Britain
  2. Paris, France
  3. Munich, Germany 
  4. Zagreb, Croatia 
  5. Belgrade, Serbia 
  6. Sofia, Bulgaria 
  7. Istanbul, Turkey



For those seeking coastal cities and sandy beaches, this Mediterranean route could be for you! This itinerary typically begins in either Barcelona or Valencia, both of which are renowned for their lively atmospheres, balmy weather and golden-sand beaches. From here, interrailers typically hit up the south of France, visiting areas like Montpellier, Cannes and Nice, before heading to Monte Carlo. Next is Italy, where travellers tend to head to Tuscany first, and then ensure that they visit spots like Siena and Pisa before finishing up in Rome. Dreamy! here’s no question as to why this Mediterranean route is amongst the most popular with interrailers. Embarking on this itinerary will not only see you sipping delicious wine in the south of France and Tuscany, but also indulging in some of Europe’s most exquisite cuisine — truly a foodie’s dream! We recommend spreading this route over six weeks, making stops in areas like Nice and Siena for three days each, while Pisa and Montpellier are better suited to day trips or overnight stays. Nice and Cannes are adored for their high-end beach clubs, chic restaurants and turquoise waters, allowing you to enjoy a slice of luxury during your travels. This journey is also great for those who wish to avoid lengthy train journeys, as the longest journey that you’ll make is three hours between Valencia and Barcelona.

  1. Valencia, Spain
  2. Barcelona, Spain
  3. Montpellier, France
  4. Marseille, France
  5. Cannes, France
  6. Nice, France
  7. Monte Carlo, Monaco
  8. Savona, Italy
  9. Genoa, Italy
  10. Pisa, Italy
  11. Livorno, Italy
  12. Rome, Italy


The Balkans

If you’re looking for cobblestone streets and outstanding views, consider interrailing through the Balkans! Interrailers travelling this route often begin their journey in Genoa before making stops in Innsbruck, Divaca, Zagreb, Mostar and ending their trip in Dubrovnik, sometimes adding on a quick visit to Split! This route is well suited to holidaymakers seeking sun, sea and scenery. Austria’s Old Town is particularly gorgeous, and features  winding streets brimming with coffee shops and restaurants and nestled in front of snow-capped mountains. Selecting this route allows interrailers to travel to some of the lesser-known Balkan destinations, including Divaca which is home to an abundance of natural beauty. The Skocjan Caves are a must-see when visiting Slovenia and can be found just a half an hour drive from Divaca. Here you’ll find underground lakes, waterfalls and a further two hidden caves! While the Balkan route can be done in two weeks, we recommend taking three to four weeks.

  1. Genoa, Italy
  2. Innsbruck, Austria
  3. Divaca, Slovenia
  4. Pula, Croatia
  5. Zagreb, Croatia
  6. Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  7. Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  8. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  9. Split, Croatia

pula street with colourful houses and arch

Western Europe

If you’re looking for an interrailing route well suited to  the summer season, this could be the route for you! Beginning in Valencia, you’ll  travel to Barcelona, Montpellier, Marseille, Monte Carlo, Milan, Bologna and Venice, meaning that you’ll tackle eight different cities across three countries. Many of these cities are located near to the coast, making them great hub’s for travelling out of the city and towards the beach. Marseille and Monte Carlo are particularly famous for their gorgeous beaches and aquamarine waters, whereas Montpellier and Barcelona are best known for their architecture. Your average travel time is about three hours between countries, so you can avoid tiresomely long train journeys. This journey is very popular amongst interrailers that are looking for a sunny getaway with a slightly more relaxed feel. We recommend planning this route over three weeks and staying at each location for two to three days.

  1. Valencia, Spain
  2. Barcelona, Spain
  3. Montpellier, France
  4. Marseille, France
  5. Monte Carlo, Monaco
  6. Milan, Italy
  7. Bologna, Italy
  8. Venice, Italy


Central Europe

European winter city breaks are truly dreamy, especially during the snowy months. This route is best enjoyed during the winter season, when all of these cities come to life! If, like us, you love a Christmas market, then this could be the route for you. You’ll begin your journey in Krakow, where snow is pretty much guaranteed between the months of November and January and the city is illuminated with festive lights. The next stops on this route are Warsaw, Wroclaw, Prague, Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Budapest. This wintry getaway is well suited to those who are partial to a drink or two, as all of the destinations are known for their lively nightlife and drinking culture. When travelling this route through central Europe, you’ll visit  five countries over the span of three weeks. 

  1. Krakow, Poland
  2. Warsaw, Poland
  3. Wroclaw, Poland
  4. Prague, Czech Republic
  5. Berlin, Germany
  6. Munich, Germany
  7. Vienna, Austria
  8. Budapest, Hungary 

wroclaw colourful town houses