Five Saltburn Inspired Country Manor Stays in the UK

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If, like us, you’re slightly obsessed by the thought of a Saltburn-style summer (before things got weird anyway), then we just might have you covered. We’ve compiled a list of some UK country manors that could emulate a fun-filled and boujee summer break like the one that you may have seen in Saltburn

Lords & Ladies, Suffolk 

This magnificent house is nestled in Suffolk’s ever-so-dreamy countryside, and is surrounded by lengths of land and perfectly manicured gardens. Lords & Ladies boasts a whopping 12 bedrooms, meaning that this estate can host up to 24 guests. The home is beautifully decorated with traditional and opulent furnishings, giving it the old money feel that the film exudes. Much like in Saltburn, you’ll find a maze within the grounds, as well as a freshwater pool and a bubbling hot tub. To make this home even more extraordinary, you’ll be interested to know that Lords & Ladies was a filming location for Netflix’s The Crown, suggesting that it is fit for royalty. 

Baronial Bliss, Aberdeenshire

Located in picturesque Aberdeenshire, Baronial Bliss is a 17th-century castle that boasts 18 acres of grounds and a number of unique quirks. This includes a Whisky Library which features a collection of single malts and Scottish gins as well as a fully-equipped games room. The estate is also home to a three-acre Victorian garden and 12 homely bedrooms, each decorated to perfection. Should you wish to fully immerse yourself in the Saltburn experience, you can hire your own chef for an added layer of luxury. 

The Ivy Tower, Somerset 

At this impressive residence, the Jacobean era meets the modern day. This 17th-century castle is planted among leafy foliage and is covered in winding ivy that clings to the castle walls, giving it a fairytale feel. The Ivy Tower is home to eight spacious bedrooms and nine bathrooms, as well as a games room, swimming pool, library and a sprawling garden. This estate boasts a spectacular view of the coastline and features a number of tranquil walking paths. You can spend your days practising archery or enjoying a midday tipple on the castle grounds, in true Saltburn style. 

Sprigs of Cedar, Alness

Nestled among eight acres of pristine gardens lies Sprigs of Cedar, a breathtaking estate that is over 300 years old. This nine-bedroom home is able to accommodate up to 21 guests and features two chic ballrooms and an onsite bar stocked with local whisky. Sprigs of Cedar is famed for its spectacular outdoor space, said to have inspired The Secret Garden. The traditional furnishings and wood-burning fireplaces make this home that little bit more appealing in the colder months, although we believe that a Saltburn-style summer at Sprigs of Cedar would be an absolute dream.

Rowan & Thorn, Somerset

Rowan & Thorn is an Elizabethan manor house that sits on five acres of vibrant gardens within Somerset. This phenomenal estate not only boasts a stunning exterior, but the inside furnishings are also something to be admired, marrying traditional and modern decor in a seamless fashion. Rowan & Thorn features eight spacious bedrooms and nine bathrooms, sleeping 22 guests, and the property is also home to a formal dining room which accommodates 16 people. This opulent estate is said to have inspired one of the fictional homes featured within Jane Austen’s canon. The outdoor seating areas and tennis courts make this house comparable to Saltburn manor, making it a wonderful place to spend a few days over the summer…