Five Spooky and Spectacular Museums in the UK

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As the spooky season approaches, it is time to book some Halloween-appropriate activities to do this October. Whether it’s historic artefacts, possessed dolls, or letters from a serial killer, these museums are full of fascinating and disturbing items, and are a must-see for those who love to partake in dark tourism.

1. The Haunted Museum – Nottingham

Located in the heart of Nottingham, The Haunted Museum is home to over one thousand haunted items, including possessed dolls and creepy artefacts. At just £8 per person, The Haunted Museum is very affordable and features a variety of eerie items, perfect for paranormal enthusiasts. Additionally, the museum offers paranormal investigations should you want to experience something ghostly for yourself. 

Find out more about The Haunted Museum here

2. The Clink Prison Museum – Southwark

Dating back to 1144, the Clink Prison Museum can be located in what was once England’s oldest prison. The museum contains a variety of historic items and torture devices, as well as preserved jail cells that visitors can enter. The museum has been described as one of the UK’s most haunted locations and offers a ghost hunt, in which partakers are locked inside the former prison for 24 hours, perfect for those who do not shy away from the paranormal.

To book your visit, click here

3. Museum of Witchcraft and Magic – Cornwall

For all the crystal and magic lovers, this next museum is for you! The Museum of Witchcraft is filled with over 4,000 artefacts from different time periods, all with some connection to the world of witchcraft. The museum focuses on educating its visitors on the practice of witchcraft and magic within England, both throughout history and in the modern day. While the practice of witchcraft is relatively spooky in its origin, this museum is an educational experience suitable for families. 

To learn more about the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, visit the website here

4. Crime Through Time Museum – Gloucestershire

The Crime Through Time Museum is truly a dark tourist’s dream, and has been described as a place where good meets evil and fantasy meets reality. This museum warns visitors that it is not suitable for children and features a variety of eerie artefacts with a dark history, including serial killers’ clothing, the history behind dark cults and a section dedicated to ‘freaks and oddities’. The museum can be found in what was once Littledean Jail and is not for the easily disturbed. 

If you want to visit this dark tourist attraction, book your tickets here


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5. True Crime Museum – Hastings

Calling all true crime lovers, this museum is for you! The True Crime Museum is located in Hastings and is packed with strange and infatuating items relating to some of the world’s most famous criminals. The museum is home to an authentic lethal injection chair, in addition to a series of love letters written by serial killer Richard Ramirez, and an exhibition dedicated to infamous gangsters like the Kray twins. This fascinating museum is a must-see this spooky season.

To book tickets, visit their website here.

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