Five Wintry Activities to do this Christmas Season

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Now that November has begun, many of us are ready to jump straight into the Christmas season. There are a variety of festive activities to do this winter that are certain to get you into the spirit! 


1. Visit Some Christmas Movie Filming Destinations

 Whether you’re a fan of The Holiday, Love Actually, or Last Christmas, there are tons of locations around London that feature within some of the nation’s favourite festive blockbusters. This is a fun and unusual daytime activity or date idea for movie enthusiasts. If you’d like to find out details about some of the most famous Christmas movie filming locations in London, then you can read about some of them here

photo of covent garden christmas lights, the filming location for the movie last christmas

2. Christmas Markets

Visiting Christmas markets is a well-loved activity that many people do religiously each year. There are plenty of amazing Christmas markets scattered throughout the UK that are ideal for getting into the holiday spirit. Most of these markets sell a variety of things from homemade trinkets to delicious treats and warming mulled wine and cider, making them an excellent place to stop for a festive drink or to do some last minute shopping. 

photo of a christmas market hut decorated with holly, baubles, and lights

3. Baking

Baking festive treats is an excellent way to get creative and spend some quality time with your family or friends! There are a wide variety of Christmas themed bakes that are easy and delicious, making it a brilliant weekend or evening activity. There is something very wholesome and therapeutic about listening to some Christmas music and getting stuck into making some tasty treats.

photo of a mother and her two children baking christmas treats in a festive kitchen wearing christmas pajamas

4. Ice Skating 

Ice skating is a fun and seasonal activity to do during the Christmas season, either with family, friends, or a date idea! There are plenty of well-loved ice rinks around the UK, notable ones are the Royal Brighton Pavilion Ice Rink and the Natural History Museum ice rink in Kensington. If you’re planning on ice skating with small children, the majority of rinks offer penguins with handlebars that kids can hold onto as they skate around the ring to ensure that they don’t slip over!

photo of four people ice skating on a festive ice rink with christmas lights hanging above and a christmas tree in the background

5. Snozone

Snozone is an indoor snow resort where individuals can go to ski or snowboard down slopes covered in real snow! There are two Snozone snow centres located in the UK, including one in Basingstoke and Yorkshire, however the largest centre is situated in Milton Keynes and attracts lots of visitors from all over the country. If you’re an avid skier or snowboarder, consider booking to visit Snozone this winter season to bring the Alps to you! 

photo of a child snowboarding in an indoor snow centre