Four of The Most Picturesque Locations in Saudi Arabia

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If you’re searching for immense scenery and dreamy views, Saudi Arabia is the place to go. This sprawling country is home to luxurious palaces, balmy weather and powder-soft sand dunes, as well as a number of viewpoints, many of which are best enjoyed at sunset and sunrise. We’ve rounded up some of the best, and where you can find them.

Farasan Island

Located in the southwestern region of Saudi Arabia, Farasan Island is one of the largest islands within the Red Sea, with a population of around 12,000 residents. This secluded spot is incredibly picturesque and boasts a swathe of sprawling beaches and stunning ocean views. Dolphins and other marine animals live around the island and are often seen during sunset, making for excellent photo opportunities. 

photo of farasan island at sunset

Al Soudah

Al Soudah is possibly one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Saudi Arabia, and is nestled amongst the mountains of Asir. In this area, you can expect to find majestic peaks blanketed in vibrant juniper trees — truly a must-see for nature lovers. There are a number of lookout points scattered throughout the area, and you’ll struggle to find one that doesn’t pack magical views of cotton-like clouds and natural wonders.

photo of the view from al soudah at sunset

Al Disah Valley

Al Disah valley is a popular hiking and picnic spot that resembles something straight out of Tomb Raider! When visiting this valley, you’ll find yourself surrounded by towering rock formations and swaying palms, making it a particularly excellent location to watch the sun go down or to partake in some stargazing.

photo of the rock formations and palm trees at al disah valley

Asfar Lake

This UNESCO World Heritage site can be found within Al Ahsa National Park within the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Asfar Lake is particularly striking due to the contrast between the aquamarine water and the dusty sand that surrounds it, making it a popular location among nature enthusiasts and photographers. As a result of its unusual appearance, the lake has been nicknamed ‘Yellow Lake’, and the best time to view this spectacle is during golden hour, when the sand sparkles and sun bounces off of the water.

photo of asfar lake