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Airports are usually seen as boring, but they don’t have to be! We’ve uncovered some of the world’s most unusual airports where the time spent waiting for your plane is simply going to fly by!

Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore

Butterflies in Singapore Airport
Butterflies in Singapore Airport – Image © Claire Gribbin

Treat your eyes to a visual delight at Singapore‘s Changi airport, where you can stroll through a selection of their gorgeous gardens. Wander through a fairy-tale enchanted arena, complete with dazzling lights and huge glass bouquets, or flutter through the butterfly enclosure, home to over 1,000 beautiful butterflies! Now that definitely beats a visit to the usual overpriced airport gift shop…

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Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

Spa Thailand

Flights can be tiring and uncomfortable, so why not indulge in a spot of relaxation before boarding? At Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport you can lie back and de-stress with a traditional Thai massage to ease your weary muscles before that big flight. Choose from a foot or full body massage, or if your poor withered body is really in desperate need, why not treat yourself to both? Go on, you know you want to!

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London Heathrow Airport, England

Art Heathrow

If you’re bored of browsing the standard coffee shops and boutique flip-flop stores, why not ponder through London Heathrow’s very own art gallery? The exhibition showcases both established and emerging talent, so perhaps you can even get a sneaky first-look peak at the next big thing. Once more, it will distract you from over-spending in the terminal shops so you can save your precious pennies for what’s really important – those exotically fruity cocktails you’ll be drinking on the beach of course.

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Incheon International Airport, South Korea

Ice Skate Korea

Stretch your legs before a long flight and have an energetic skate at the frosty ice forest skating rink at Incheon International Airport. And if for some reason the idea of skating doesn’t fly you high with excitement, why not catch the latest Korean blockbuster at one of their two movie theatres or test your golfing skills at the 330-yard golf course, or relax in their deluxe spa and sauna, featuring the country’s only ‘tub-in-tub’ facilities. Erm, can Incheon International airport possibly get any better?

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Chicago International Airport, USA

Dinosaur Chicago
Chicago Airport – Image © N i c o l a

Thought that airport security was intimidating? Allow the skeletal loom of a seventy-two foot Brachiosaurus to knock you out of your jet-lag and back into the classroom at Chicago International Airport to discover this pre-historic creature. Take a minute to travel back through time before you travel through continents, and embrace your inferiority at the foot of Chicago’s dinosaur – remember to pack the camera in your hand-luggage!

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Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport, France

Slide at Lyon Airport
Lyon Airport slide – Image © Stefan Krasowski

Lighten up the mood whilst waiting for your flight by whizzing through a 19ft helter-skelter slide at Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport – the kids sure will love it (which is obviously the reason why you’ll be having a go yourself!). Catch your breath back after your super-fun amazing slide ride and sink into the comfy seats in the Vur Sur Piste ‘chill out’ area of the airport, where you can laze about and watch the large-screen TVS. What more could you really want out of an airport?

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Athens Airport, Greece

Greek artifacts

Here’s another one for the culture vultures out there, this time feast your eyes on the educational delights at the mini-museum at Athens International Airport. Soak up ancient Greek culture and history as you observe over 170 unique artifacts which interestingly were found during the construction of the airport in the nearby residential town of Spata. With the rich information freshly ingrained into your brain before your flight back home, you’ll be sure to impress friends and family with your new-found expertise of Spata town!

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Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Japan

Haneda Airport

Prepare yourself for a flight through the sparkling night’s sky with a star-lit restaurant meal in Tokyo Haneda Airport’s planetarium at the aptly-named Starry Café. A mind-boggling 40,000,000 stars are projected onto the ceiling, really making you feel like you’re engulfed in another dimension as you munch on your noodles and take in the obscure surroundings.

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Hong Kong International Airport, China

Farman Biplane Hong Kong Airport
Farman Biplane replica – Image © Phillip Capper

Try your own hand at aviation and immerse yourself into a new role of a pilot at Hong Kong International Airport, where you can journey on interactive rides, including a realistic plane-cabin simulator. Those not too keen on taking the lead can alternatively opt for a historical display of aircraft models and graphics, or can visit the rooftop SkyDeck for impressive views of the airport, where you can watch with interest as the planes depart and land.


fun before you fly

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