Fun for all the Family in Costa Teguise

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Here at dealchecker we know how tricky it can be to find a destination that appeals to a crowd. We think, however, that we might have got it covered with Costa Teguise – a sunny resort in Lanzarote which is graced with clear blue seas, enough wind for watersports and plenty of activities that will bring out the big kid in even the grumpiest holidaymaker.

Splash Around at the Aquapark

Costa Teguise has its very own waterpark, a place where children and adults alike can run screaming up the stairs in attempt to win the race sliding down to the big splash at the bottom. Aquapark has a whole host of slides for all fear factors, from slowly winding slides for children and the less brave, to brightly-coloured steep slides to career down.

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Try Your Haggling Skills at the Market

The Teguise market which takes place every weekend is famed across Lanzarote. It is the island’s largest open-air market and fills the cobbled streets of the town with multi-coloured fabrics, souvenirs and local produce – plus accompanying hustle and bustle. As always with a market, half of the fun comes from trying to bag a bargain, so dust off your most assertive voice and be prepared to haggle.

picture of colourful scarves

Windsurf at Playa Cucharas

The conditions at the Playa Cucharas beach are great for watersports, with a long flat sandy beach, and plenty of wind to get you going. Teenagers will be glad to escape their families and all holidaymakers can gain some kudos back home with a windsurfing lesson. Those who can find their feet will be able to whizz along the edge of the waves with a brightly coloured sail in hand, making for a wonderful photo opportunity.

windsurfing photo

Ogle the Fish at the Lanzarote Aquarium

Not only does the Lanzarote Aquarium have a vast array of sea critters, from turtles to brightly coloured clownfish, it also gives visitors to option to get very hands on. Those who feel especially daring can dive in the shark tank. This huge tank is full of stingrays, sharks and sea bream to say hello to. No prior qualification is needed, meaning that even beginners can enter the tank. For the more wary but inquisitive visitor, there are tanks where you can handle sea cucumbers, starfish and crabs.

picture of a turtle

Laze on the Beach

The question we often ask ourselves is: is it really a holiday if you don’t spend some time simply lazing by a body of water? The answer is usually a resounding no. It would be an error to take a trip to Costa Teguise without frequenting at least one of the beaches. Whilst the Playa Cucharas beach is the most famous with its long expanse of sand, it is not necessarily the most relaxing as there’s a strong focus on watersports. The striking dark volcanic sands of El Jablillo are more secluded, with calmer seas to splash about in.

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