Our Guide to Global Shopping

As an avid vintage and charity shop aficionado, I know a thing or two about treasure hunting, and truly believe that besides the customary gelato-devouring, tuk-tuk riding, cliff jumping memories you can gather from an amazing travelling experience, it can also be great to take home something a little more tangible. Every country has its SUSP (shopping unique selling point…yes I just made that up) and rather than wasting money on tourist tack  and souvenirs (tiny Eiffel tower anyone?) why not plan your attack and come home with something fabulous that will enhance your ordinary life back home? Here are some just a couple of our suggestions for what you should be looking for in the country of your choice:


No-one but no-one goes to Italy and loses weight – the food is too incredible to let paltry things like potential obesity cross your mind. With this in mind, you should really consider taking back some of their goodies – Italians do food like no-one else on earth  because of the simple but (gorgeously) deadly ingredients they use – so steal their tricks of the trade! A proper Balsamic vinegar is a failsafe staple, as is a delicious, flaky, creamy Parmiano Reggiano…Whilst your there get your hands on as many recipes you can, eat as much and as often as you can and do not fret about your ever increasing waistline. When in Rome…etc. If you’re visiting Venice, get yourself a pretty piece of Murano glass…the island has some wonderful pieces and what better excuse do you have to brighten up your life back home with some flowers than a gorgeous new vase? Florence is fantastic for gold products and the Amalfi Coast is ceramic heaven. Lastly, for all that is great and good bring some Limoncello home – it’ll give you a little taste of that fiery Italiano spirit even when its raining and the only ‘hot’ in your life is followed by mail.co.uk. Gah.

Source: Ramon200


Egyptian cotton is adored the world over, which is exactly why you should bring as much of it as possible home from your Egypt holiday! Bedding is especially popular, and its a million times cheaper over there than in the UK. You can also get hold of same amazing leather goods like beautiful bound notebooks, papyrus and a multitude of home decorating goodies. Bazaars are the best place to go for a mix of everything and you’ll be able to find everything from spices to handmade lanterns to pretty silk scarves.

Spice market


One word: Carpets. Get yourself to Kashmir for great carpets in every colour of the rainbow. India is fantastic for fabrics and cloth, and even better you can get (amazing) clothes made for you in your own design for ridiculously cheap prices. Spices are obviously in full supply and are perfect to bring back for friends and family as a present; what could better than the gift of flavour?! You can get some beautiful jewellery in India; handmade, tinkley pieces that will have everyone asking where’s that from? (You can then, of course, smugly reply that ‘Sorry darling, it’s from India’). One thing to avoid is the distinctly dodgy looking men wandering around any given marketoffering ‘Gucci watches for good price’ and the like. How will you know which ones to look out for? Oh, you’ll know.

Source: soniarts-harishkumar.blogspot.com


Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine.

….and some cheese?!


So there’s just a taster of the what you could be aquiring whilst internationally jet-setting around four corners…but don’t worry globe-trotting shopaholics, we’ll be back with some more tips soon!

Heading source: famedubai.com