Anyone for Golf?

Golf, often said to be a good walk ruined, will be back on our TV screens this week for one of the most important tournaments of the year, the Masters. It’s being held at the gorgeous Augusta National Golf Club course in Augusta, Georgia and thousands of people flock there to watch the best of the golfing crop battle it out on the fairways and the greens.

If you’re heading over there for the week, why not try out some of the other delights that Georgia has to offer, with a myriad of crazy American fun you can definitely make it a trip to remember, even if pinning all your hopes on Lee Westwood or Tiger Woods making a comeback doesn’t quite pan out.

Photo from SCBerry

Top of the list of madcap tourist attractions is the World’s Largest Peanut, which looks over the I-95 near Ashburn. It’s the subject of much pride amongst Georgians, since they fought off stiff competition from Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama.

Image from Habitat for Humanity

You can get a dose of fake reality at Habitat for Humanity’s Slum Theme Park, think less huge rollercoasters and more model village, complete with plenty of warnings about the deadly insects that inhabit the poverty-stricken houses. This isn’t all to make you feel bad though, as one of the main points of the park is to highlight poverty in the US, which your entry fees will help to alleviate just a little.

Image from Interestingideas

Pasaquan is probably one of the wackiest places you could hope to visit. Created by folk artist Eddie, who seems to have as many legends surrounding him as Top Gear’s Stig, this is a huge self-built house filled with folk art in all the colours of the rainbow, but visitors do tend to agree that the energy and the vibe are special. Some of them then decide they can’t stay any more though!

Image from womansday

And lastly, Georgia seems to be a place where people love to collect strange things. The Lunchbox Museum instantly evokes school packed lunches with every design under the sun, whilst Bruce Weiner’s Microcar Museum is an ode to all the smallest cars ever made. And so we come almost full-circle to golf carts, which are at the golf course, where you were meant to be before all these attractions sidetracked you.

Top image by jurvetson