Happy Hump Day News: Tiger King, Turtles and Instagram Tutorials

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If you’re feeling the mid-week slump more than usual, then we’ve got just the ticket. Here are some of the most uplifting news stories from the past week.

A Reason to Shell-a-brate

Another apparent ecological benefit of worldwide lockdown has surfaced, literally! Brazil’s beaches have been flocked to by olive ridley sea turtles looking for a safe place to lay their eggs. There’s dispute over whether the lack of human beachgoers has had a direct influence on the influx of turtles, however it’s surely a plus that these creatures have a little space for once…

Olive Ridley sea turtle

Doggy Bag

A very clever boy in Colorado is helping deliver groceries and meals to his owner’s neighbour, who is particularly at risk from coronavirus. Sundance, a seven-year-old golden retriever, even brings back empty bowls and fetches the mail too – a postman’s best friend!

Alpacalypse Now

Even though care homes have restricted visits from friends and relatives of residents, a home in West Lothian recently received some unusual, rather fleecey guests. Staff at the nearby Urban Nature Retreat – an animal and nature therapy centre – took some fluffy alpacas along to see the residents, who could admire and wave at them through the windows.


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Give a Dam!

Another golden nugget courtesy of the animal world is happening close to home here in the UK. Findings of a five-year study of beavers living in the River Otter in Devon has shown that these toothy cuties are having a positive impact on the environment. Their natural dams can reduce the risk of flooding, and the pools that they create are helping to increase species diversity and population!


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Pen Pals

Children in Worcester have been practising their IT and letter writing skills by typing emails to elderly people in care homes who can’t receive visitors at the moment. The messages include a bit about themselves – everything from their favourite foods to their favourite animals – and the school plans to continue the correspondence between the new friends beyond lockdown.

Fields of Dreams

In another well-deserved display of appreciation for the front-line heroes at the NHS, farmers across the country have been mowing giant messages into their fields.


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Staying Connected

Social media often gets a bad rap, however it has proven to be a valuable source of support and connection during lockdown. From art clubs hosted by the likes of Noel Fielding, Rebecca Vincent, and Grayson Perry, to baking tutorials by GBBO’s silver fox Paul Hollywood and trendy London bakery Breadahead, there are plenty of ways you can fill your day and feel part of a community – and learn new skills while doing so! Fitness trainers including Courtney Black and Joe Wicks are even offering free exercise classes, so you can upkeep your daily movement while staying safe at home. And there’s always a humorous viral project to get involved in too, like these homemade recreations of artworks.


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Tiger King

Finally, what would the world have done without Tiger King – the only thing more surreal than the current coronavirus situation. Luckily for us, Netflix is allegedly planning on releasing another bonus episode of the docuseries! Watch this space…


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And that’s it until next week, all you cool cats and kittens.