The USA Road Trip: Many Holidays in One

Choosing where to go on holiday is a problem, isn’t it? You want a bit of ancient culture, maybe a bit of elegance, and a smattering of stately buildings, combined with some more modern attractions or a bit of art deco. Well never fear, we’ve come up with the perfect holiday for you!

The good old US of A is a treasure trove of different architectural styles, copying everything from ancient Egypt to Gothic and Italian buildings and making them their own. Ok, so you might not actually find that ancient culture you’re looking for but you’re hardly likely to find art deco in Rome’s Forum are you? A multi-destination holiday is the perfect choice for such a vast country, whether you want to take on a classic road trip or the more modern version by taking advantage of cheap internal flights.

St. John's Cathedral

by photopasture

Start in the Big Apple where, amongst all the shops and famous places, you’ll find the Gothic inspired Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, although as its nickname of St John the Unfinished suggests, construction still continues on this, the fourth largest church in the world.

Trinity Church @ Boston

by bjaglin

If you’d rather start off in Boston then perhaps the charms of Romanesque Trinity Church will enchant you. Inside you’ll find over 2000 square metres of murals as well as sculptures and plenty of gilt. Dating back to 1733 it now sits in the shadow of the modern monolith of John Hancock Tower.

by Francisco Diez

Washington DC is a treasure trove of architectural grandeur, with plenty of styles represented, so if you only fancy one destination then why not make it the nation’s capital? Head for Egyptian revival styled Washington Monument, or for a bit of Greek revival you could go to the Lincoln Memorial instead. In fact, since they are so close together you don’t have to choose!

Air Force Academy Chapel

by dbking

For something altogether different stop off in Colorado Springs for the futuristic stylings of the United States Air Force Army Cadet Chapel. A bit of a mouthful, but this building is an award-winner, and with its 17 spires you can see why.

Bellagio Fountains

by kevinmarsh

After making it so far across the country you’ll want to see the other coastline but maybe the glamour of Las Vegas can tempt you to make one last stop on the way. The Bellagio is a world-famous casino in the Italianate style. The grandeur is set off beautifully by the nightly fountain displays complete with choreographed light and music from the huge lake in front of the hotel.

Golden Gate Bridge


Finally, ending in California, you won’t want to miss the Art Deco Golden Gate Bridge, which you can enjoy to the full from Golden Gate Park, but the real gem is a postmodernist offering. In Garden Grove in Orange County you’ll find the Crystal Cathedral, a church constructed using 10,000 panes of glass. What could have been a glorified greenhouse is saved by the glistening prayer tower making this a stunning spectacle.

Crystal Cathedral

by Sylvain Levoprost

top image by Mediatejack