Hotel of the Month – Jumbo Hostel

In our research for our hotel of the month we’ve come across a great number or weird and wonderful hotels but one thing has quickly become apparent – craziness costs! It’s not surprising really considering the creativity and the unique locations on offer, but it does beg the question – where can budget travellers go for a strange night’s sleep?

Image from forumpk

Well cash strapped readers can rejoice because this week’s hotel of the month is actually a hostel – the Jumbo Hostel in Sweden to be precise. We presume one key market is poverty hit plane spotters; you’ll be sleeping in an aeroplane, on Sweden’s main airport, you’ve likely got there by aeroplane, and well, there’s not really a lot else about. It certainly makes for a quirky stay, and with prices from £35 per night, it’s the cheapest aeroplane flatbed price we’ve ever seen!

Image from Brisbane Times

This converted Boeing 747 now boasts 27 rooms, including two- and four-bed dormitory rooms. They’re actually kitted out to a fairly high standard, with flatscreen TVs and wireless Internet throughout. As with most hostels you have shared bathrooms, located

Image from my daily

The plane is located at the entrance to Stockholm Arlanda Airport, and does have a fabulous view over the airport’s landing strip. To get the best view book the luxury suite which is located inside the plane’s cockpit! They’ve even left in part of the original control panel.

Image from Brisbane Times

And if sleeping in a converted aircraft wasn’t enough for you, you can even hold a conference there. The aeroplane’s facilities include a (small) conference suite and cafe. It is a popular sight for tourists, and in the summer the hostel runs tours which allow the public to walk along the left wing and observation deck!

Top image from swedavia