5 of the Best Gelato Parlours in Lucca, Tuscany

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Rolling hills filled with fragrant olive groves, centuries of incredible culture, adorably photogenic vespas zipping through cobbled streets — Italy’s well worth a visit, but we all know that these things pale in comparison to the brilliance of its food. Creamy, dreamy, and an essential component of any trip to Italy, gelato comes in a multitude of flavours and qualities. As Bake Off’s Prue would say, though, it has to be worth the calories. The pretty streets of Lucca are home to a plethora of parlours, so we’ve rounded up the top five you should try (plus a bonus one). Tastebuds, rejoice!

Gelateria Anfiteatro

Lucca’s a city that’s well worth a visit, and there’s plenty more to do than just eat — check out our insider’s guide to Lucca for ideas! If you’re on a tight schedule, though, you might as well combine a bit of sightseeing with your gelato eating — and where better than Gelateria Anfiteatro? As the name might suggest, this swanky set-up is located in the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro — an old Roman amphitheatre. In the heart of the Old Town, this piazza is now the central point of town life. You’ll find a variety of trattorias and bars, so you can settle in to people-watch and sip on an espresso. Before all that though, you have to try this ice cream! Smooth swirls fold over themselves, and you won’t be disappointed by any flavour you choose…

Gelateria Paniko


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If you have a little more time to spend wandering around, and want ice cream just for the sake of ice cream, check out Gelateria Paniko. It’s a little off the beaten track, so hopefully you’ll dodge the crowds and get your pick.  A truly artisan gelateria, this place has all the classics, as well as some more adventurous options. There are sophisticated choices like fig-ricotta-walnut, which we’d highly recommend as it combines some classic Italian flavours, then there’s caramel, cookies and sesame; apple cake; and cremino (chocolate tart) and mango, which is just divine. It’s really too hard to choose a flavour at this place, so plan multiple visits — and maybe skip lunch…

La Bottega del Gelato


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Want to get sightseeing, but don’t fancy compromising on your afternoon sweet treat? Wander over to La Bottega del Gelato. This cosy parlour is tucked down a side street right by the stunning Piazza San Michele, so you can feel cultured while you eat. Just try not to let the ice cream melt all over you — it’ll ruin the moment! If you’re not a fan of newfangled inventions, this is the place for you: both varieties of pistachio gelato (sweet and salted) are raved about, as are the dark chocolate and vanilla flavours. There are a few more out-there creations, but if you’re after a classic, this is the place to go.

La Crema Matta


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Slick, serene, and showstopping, La Crema Matta is the place to be if you want Insta-worthy desserts. It combines a traditional Italian feel with modern furnishings, complementing its creamy inventions: the gelato is made using the classic method, and then modernised — with decorative fruit, biscuit toppers, and drizzles of chocolate. Talk about decadence! Don’t worry though, it’s not all for show: the taste is still fabulous!

Momo Gelati


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Spending a few days in Lucca? Starting to feel like one of the locals? In that case, we’ll have to let you in on a secret: Momo Gelati. Loved by locals for that authentic Italian taste, you’re sure to find this place full of ravenous residents. This is another one that focuses on perfecting the classics, and here you’ll find rich dark chocolate, creamy fior di latte, and — our favourite flavour ever — amarena (sour cherry). Grab a cone and stroll the quiet streets — you’ll never have felt more at home.



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This one’s purely a bonus, because I’m not convinced that the ice cream actually counts as gelato. Nonetheless, Gelaterium deserves a mention, if only for the spectacular sense of whimsy their store has created! Expect self-serve soft serve, and you can pile swirls of ice cream with a variety of sweet treats. Take kids there or go alone for the photogenic swing seats — we won’t judge you!


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