Instagram’s Favourite City Breaks

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According to research carried out by WeSwap, a third of millennials believe that posting holiday pictures is as important as the trip itself. The usual suspects – London, Paris, New York and Rome – tend to top the tagging stakes, but let’s face it, there are only so many angles from which to capture the Eiffel Tower. We’ve rounded up some slightly less saturated cities that can provide Insta-worthy backdrops and keep your feed looking fresh.


Berlin is a mecca for the grittier ‘Grammer, with its imposing brutalist and Bauhaus architecture and shabby chic side streets. One of its prime posing spots is in front of the East Side Gallery – the remaining section of the Berlin wall that was painted before smartphones were even invented. In winter, the frosty weather only adds to the moodiness of the city, while in summer, the sunsets create hedonistic scenes by the river. Many of the clubs don’t allow any photos at all, however the 24-hour party culture can make for some stunning sunrise snaps. You may be captured by @nachtclubsberlin or @brainyartist during your trip – after all, some of the most fascinating sights in Berlin are the people.


Budapest rakes in the likes for its atmospheric shots of steaming baths, the view of the Danube from Fisherman’s Bastion and… its Museum of Sweets & Selfies. This glorified photography studio is filled with pastel-hued stairs, sparkly flamingos, and more millennial pink than Peckham. Luckily, Budapest’s gothic and neo-gothic architecture, with its dramatic arches and intricate flourishes, means that you won’t need to resort to the ‘museum’ to spice up your feed. Head to the side streets of Józsefváros, the House of Hungarian Art Nouveau and the Szabo Ervin Library instead.


Far from the in-your-face brutalism of Berlin is Vienna, with its fanciful, elaborate buildings, including St Stephen’s Cathedral, St Charles’ Church and the Hofburg Imperial Palace. The ornamentation doesn’t stop at the front door though, Schonbrunn Palace boasts an enchanting rococo interior, while the Kunsthistorisches Museum features an octagonal dome, majestic twin staircases, frescoes and flashes of gold leaf. Those green-fingered ‘Grammers, who buy house plants mostly to grow their followers, will want to stop at Schönbrunn Palm House – a grand greenhouse that is photogenic both inside and outside.


While Barcelona is filled with Gaudi’s whimsical, fluid architecture that is striking when seen up close, Instagram is awash with images of Park Guell and La Sagrada Familia. Why not head to sunny Seville instead, where you might stumble across deserted patios overflowing with lush greenery and charming mosaics. We recommend heading to Plaza del Cabildo, which is framed by painted archways, or the modern Metropol Parasol – an intriguing fungiform structure that offers unrivalled views from its walkway. Finally, a stroll through Parque de Maria Luisa is a must – there’ll be plenty of seemingly untouched sylvan scenes that you won’t be able to resist showing off.


You’ll find inspiration along every canal in the Dam. By day, you can snap bright blooms and basket fronted bicycles propped against bridges, and later, the glowing neon signs that reveal themselves when the sun goes down. Some of the city’s most tagged spots include the Staalmeestersbrug, also known as the love lock bridge, and Zevenlandenhuizen – a row of seven houses that each represent a different country’s architecture. You might see something new if you visit the Moco Garden, where contemporary sculptures are unveiled fairly regularly.


If your life is Scandi-chic but isn’t on Instagram, then what’s the point? The app was practically made for sharing aesthetically pleasing settings that you’ll find in abundance in Scandinavia. Stockholm is comprised of fourteen islands, thus offering plenty of opportunities to capture icy skies and postcard-worthy streets reflected in the Baltic Sea. The Stockholm Underground system is coined ‘the world’s longest art gallery’, which means there’s no IG time wasted when travelling between attractions either.