Love Padlocks

Ah love! It’s not rational or quantifiable, and just what it means can be hard to pin down. In many places it is symbolised by pairs of lovers attaching a padlock – or love locks as they are known – to the same spot as hundreds, if not thousands have done before. But councils everywhere are having a very quantifiable response, asking for this practice to be stopped, and even removing some of the locks! We are here to decry these love lock breakers, and celebrate these love lock covered spots.

Pecs, Hungary

padlocks galore

Widely recognised as the place that started this trend, you can see where it all began on Janos Pannonius Street – look between the cathedral and Széchenyi tér! They have understandably had to remove some from time to time, but you wouldn’t know it!

Luzhkov Bridge, Moscow, Russia

Red hues are favoured on this padlock tree

Some places are really welcoming, creating dedicated spots for lovers to lock their padlocks on – although we can’t help but wonder if there are rules to do with the colours when we look at this Russian lock tree!

Hohernzollen Bridge, Cologne, Germany

Love between scotland and germany on this bridge

Over 40,000 locks adorn the Hohernzollen Bridge in Koln, featuring locks from all around the world. Lovers lock their padlock and then throw the key into the river or onto the train tracks (much to the dismay of the train company), sealing their love forever. Or until the lock cutters come, although these ones are safe for now!

Mount Huang, Huangshan, China

Delicate padlocks with rust

It’s hard to walk very far from one spot adorned with love locks before you come across another in the stunning scenery of Huangshan. There are also some claims that the tradition started here! Something tells us that Mount Huang and Pecs won’t be sealing their love forever.

Ponte Milvio, Rome, Italy

bright and stylish padlocks!

Rome is a pretty romantic place all year round, although the course of true love hasn’t run smoothly for love lock aficionados. The weight of the locks here on the Ponte Milvio has started to be too much for the bridge, so be kind – lock your padlock in a virtual world instead!

North Seoul Tower, Mount Namsam, South Korea

a wall of padlocks

Asia’s most popular place for lovers’ locking their padlocks is this tower out on Mount Namsam, a quiet spot away from the bustling capital. There are locks all over this tower, so don’t expect to see out! And spare a thought for those below and use the special key bin, rather than throwing it overboard. Not as romantic or symbolic we admit, but safer.

Bryggebroen, Copenhagen, Denmark

plenty of space, including for a padlock with a pacifier

The pedestrian bridge that goes around Copenhagen’s harbour is an idyllic spot to lock your padlock – there’s plenty of space too so you’ll be able to find the perfect place for it.

Whisk your beloved away with flights here. Looking for somewhere nearer you for a last-minute spot of romance? Try the Ha’Penny Bridge in Dublin, Tower Bridge in London, the Merseyside Albert Docks and the romantic-sounding spot of behind the skate park in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow. Just don’t count on us meeting you there, we’re off to find more romantic spots around the globe!