Myth or Magic? Five Obscure Hangover Cures to Try in Desperate Times 

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Now that the Christmas season is upon us, it is safe to say that many of us will be doing everything that we can to dodge a few hangovers. There are a number of unconventional hangover cures that go past the usual paracetamol and ibuprofen, and may come in handy throughout the next couple of months!

Lemons Under your Armpits

This tradition is rumoured to come from Puerto Rico, where locals will either put lemon juice or a lemon slice under their armpits to revitalise them after a heavy night of drinking. In order to feel the full effect of this hangover cure, individuals must put the lemon under their armpits before going to sleep after a night out – this is supposed to keep them hydrated all night and prevent the morning hangover. While we are unsure whether this cure works, it could be worth a try!

photo of lots of sliced lemons on a yellow backdrop

Pickle Juice

Pickle juice is a hangover cure that many people swear by. It is suggested that the salt water contains a range of vitamins and minerals that act to replenish your electrolytes, ultimately making you feel a whole lot better. While there is no science confirming that pickle juice cures hangovers, it doesn’t hurt to try. This being said, too much pickle juice is likely to cause nausea – so if you’re tempted to try this hangover buster, stick to just a shot.

photo of a pickle brine in a shot glass with a sliced gherkin by the side

Red Ginseng

This Korean plant can be purchased in a powdered form or even in capsules and is well known for its hangover curing abilities. The most popular way to consume red ginseng is by  brewing it into a tea and drinking it. There have been a variety of scientific studies that have concluded that the consumption of the plant after heavy drinking reduces plasma alcohol levels and hangover severity, ultimately preventing or hugely limiting hangover symptoms. 

photo of a red gingsen dried plant on a wooden board with two mugs full of its tea and a teapot

Cork Voodoo 

It is rumoured that Haitian people who practise the Vodou religion take a revengeful approach to hangovers by sticking pins into the cork of the bottle that caused their suffering. While it remains unclear as to whether this works, we like their thinking! 

photo of many corks on a table top with a cork screw


Menudo is a scorchingly spicy Mexican stew that is often consumed in order to cure a hangover. It’s laced with chilli and is meant to detoxify your body, thus banishing the alcohol. While this fiery dish may upset your stomach, it is rumoured to be a quick and effective way to get rid of your hangover. This being said, it is understandable that you may not be in the mood to cook a stew in such a delicate condition, so maybe try some other spicy foods instead!

a picture of a bowl of traditional mexican soup called menudo