Our Favourite Solo Female Traveller Blogs

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Packing in your life and travelling the world is a huge dream for many. But the world is a big place, and it can also be a daunting prospect too, especially if you’re considering taking it on alone.
We asked some of our favourite solo female travellers to share their experiences of what it is like to be a woman travelling alone. They have plenty of inspiration and tips if you’re considering a solo adventure, and you should check out their blogs for more wonderful tales from the world.

Candice – Candice Does the World

Candice Does the World

Candice says:
“If you don’t have much experience travelling and you’re still terrified of doing it alone, there’s absolutely no shame in hopping on a guided tour. Some of my favourite experiences have been with tour companies, and I’ve met incredible people that way. Then if you come to a destination you want to revisit, you’ll find yourself more comfortable doing it alone next time.”

You can follow her adventures here:


Laurel – Monkeys and Mountains

Monkeys and Mountains

Laurel says:
“My advice is to embrace fear! When I told friends that I was planning a solo 1350 cycle ride across Finland, my friends and family told me I was nuts. What if your bike breaks down? What if you get robbed? What if you have a stalker and you’re all alone in the middle of nowhere? I had these same thoughts to be honest. Was I scared? Heck ya! But I didn’t let it stop me! I did the trip and the only one of those fears that came true was my bike breaking down in the middle of nowhere, but that resulted in me meeting an incredibly kind person who helped me out. You can be afraid, but you don’t have to let it prevent you from traveling alone!”

You can follow her adventures here:


Flora – Flora the Explorer

Flora the Explorer

Flora says:
“My biggest tip for a woman travelling alone is trusting yourself. Trust that feeling in your gut that says a situation doesn’t feel right; trust in your own self-confidence to walk into a new hostel, bar or restaurant and feel comfortable with being alone; trust that you’ll make new friends and that you’ll gain a new perspective of who you are.”

You can follow her adventures here:


Anna – Anna Everywhere

Anna Everywhere

Anna says:
“Don’t feel weird if people tell you that it’s strange to travel solo. They’ll say that as they’re just too scared to do it themselves. You’ll meet people on your travels and most likely never be alone unless you want to be.”

You can follow her adventures here:


Mariellen – Breathe Dream Go

Breathe Dream Go

Mariellen says:
“Although I do not hesitate to pursue my travel dreams in India, I am always careful about my planning — to make sure I don’t arrive on a train platform alone in the middle of the night for example. And I am cautious about my dress and deportment.”

You can follow her adventures here:


Kiersten – The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten says:
“One of the biggest hurdles for women who are thinking about traveling solo to overcome is that it will be lonely. I promise you won’t be painting a face on a volleyball and crying over your friends back home 😉 There may be times when a bump in the road makes you a bit homesick, but remember that travel is a journey. It’s not exciting because it’s easy.”

You can follow her adventures here:


Deborah – Globelle Travels

Globelle Travels

Deborah says:
“Being a solo female traveller has brought me opportunities beyond my wildest imagination, and taught me to make the most of them when they come around. The people I’ve met and the places I’ve seen have far exceeded my expectations. It is unlikely that I would have had all of these experiences if i had not ventured out of my comfort zone and gone it alone.

My biggest tip to anyone thinking of travelling as a solo female traveller out there would be to just bite the bullet, and go. It’ll challenge you in ways you never would have dreamed.

As for my tips to blogging: create a realistic goal for maintaining your travel blog whilst on your adventures, and stick on it. Demonstrating consistency in updating content can often make a difference in making sure that your audience continues to view your blog for the latest updates.

Also don’t be afraid to include content which highlights the unglamorous sides to travelling, the stuff that you feel people might not be so inclined to read about. I’m not talking about listing your entire meal schedule for the duration of your trip. But the snippet that comes to you on a night bus at 2am in the morning when you’re most urgent concern should be whether or not you’re going to survive the journey? Write it down. Always.

My experiences led me to start Globelle Travels, a community of female travellers that aims to celebrate the achievements of our fellow female nomads and support them on their adventures. We also hope to inspire more women to take to the road.”

You can check out the community here: