Photos That Will Make You Want To Go To Costa Rica

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With verdant green rainforests, an abundance of wildlife and sprawling sandy beaches, one would expect Costa Rica to be brimming with Brits desperate to grab a slice of the action. However, it continues to be a fairly well kept secret amongst Europeans. We’ve rounded some seriously dreamy photos which will have you grabbing for your passport and booking a trip to this sunny country in no time.


Costa Rica is home to one of the world’s most well-loved furry creatures, the sloth. You can see sloths across the country, and often all you need to do is keep your eyes peeled and look up! Although it’s rarer to find these famously slow moving creatures across the dry Guanacaste coastline, they can still be spotted. The Caribbean coast, with its lusher surrounds, is a great place to look and there are plenty of sanctuaries throughout this region where a sighting is almost guaranteed.

picture of a sloth


Towering trees and clambering vines in humid climes are synonymous with Costa Rica. There are lots of different types of forest here but the most famous three are: tropical rainforests, cloud forests and tropical dry forests. This variety of climates goes part of the way to explain the impressive biodiversity of the country. To make the most of these impressive surrounds, take to the treetops for a zip-lining adventure or creep through the forests on a suspension bridge in search of monkeys and sloths.

picture of rainforest


With brightly coloured bills and throats against a black body, toucans are certainly a sight to behold. Six of the 42 toucan species call the lush green forests of Costa Rica their home. They fly in groups of between three and 15 so keep your eyes peeled for them. Some of the best places to spot them are the Carara and Manuel Antonio National Parks.

picture of toucan


Costa Rica is home to 67 volcanoes but only six of them are active. Last year, the Turrialba volcano erupted, making headlines across the globe. However, for a great photo opportunity head to the cone-shaped Arenal Volcano which sits beside the blue shores of the vast man-made lake of the same name. The area is also home to some incredible thermal waters where you can float through gorgeous surrounds in bath-warm waters.

picture of the Arenal Volcano


Monkeys are almost as commonplace in Costa Rica as pigeons are in Britain, but are an awful lot more lovable. There are four species of monkey living in Costa Rica: mantled howler monkeys, white-faced capuchin monkeys, Geoffroy’s spider monkeys and Central American squirrel monkeys. They can be spotted almost everywhere, on electricity pylons on the edge of roads, in trees beside resorts and even using their tails to capture water by riversides.

picture of capuchin monkey

Costa Rican Cuisine

Costa Rica’s produce is famed around the world: its coffee beans are revered, we eat their pineapples in the UK, and it is famed for its cocoa. Meals centre around rice and beans, fresh vegetables and meat. The tastes are pared-back but delicious, and can be found at even the simplest of roadside cafes.

picture of a Costa Rican meal

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