Pies in their Eyes – 6 of the Nation’s Best Loved Pies

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Pie me to the moon, Lucy in the pie with diamonds, pi(m)e after pi(m)e – a selection of classic songs that clearly pay homage to the humble pie. After all, what’s more iconic than the great British pie? For decades, people all over the world have been diving into these flavourful pastry parcels to get their carb-fuelled fix, and who could blame them? From flaky to shortcrust, fruit-filled to meatilicious, they’re downright delicious! In honour of their extensive va-pie-iety and the upcoming British Pie Week, we have assembled a list of the nation’s favourites. Here at dealchecker headquarters we’ve established – not without vicious debate – that apple rules our hearts with a win at 22%… But which pie will be the apple of your eye?

Stargazey pie


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Fish heads bursting out of a shortcrust lid.. no, it’s not a surrealist masterpiece, it’s a legendary Cornish pie said to be created in the tiny harbour village of Mousehole. The story of its establishment is linked to a precocious fisherman called Tom Bawcock, who trawled the Cornish coast in the midst of a storm to feed local townspeople during a famine.
Stuffed with pilchards, parsley and sardines, this tasty parcel can be sourced throughout Great Britain but is best sampled in its place of origin – so mosey to Mousehole and grab a steaming plate of this fish-filled great!

Pork pie


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A Melton Mowbray Pork-pie
Strange pie that is almost a passion!
O passion immoral for pie!
Unknown are the ways that they fashion
Unknown and unseen of the eye.
The pie that is marbled and mottled,
The pie that digests with a sigh:
For all is not Bass that is bottled,
And all is not pork that is pie.

Richard Le Gallienne.

The Melton Mowbray pie – a pie so significant that poets have penned odes to its glory. Encased in a free-standing, hot water crust pastry, there lies an abundance of chopped meat and pork-stock jelly – the vision of hand-formed perfection. This yummy morsel has been specific to Melton Mowbray since the late 18th century and since then the area has gained Protected Geographical Indication – meaning that no other town can claim ownership of this scrumptious delicacy. So, slather a slab of porkie with a dollop of Branston Pickle and experience the crème de la crème of British cuisine.

Meat pie


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The kingpin of pie town, the world famous, the notorious, the MFP – Meat. Filled. Pie. Whether it’s a steaming steak and ale or a peppery chicken and mushroom, you haven’t lived until you’ve gobbled up one of these puff pastry delights. The creation of these high-powered dishes pre-dates medieval times and boasts links to the ancient Egyptians, the Romans and the Greeks, so aren’t to be messed with. As well as the Brits, the people of Scotland lay claim to the modern-day steak and ale, so amble to the country of Braveheart and Nessy to tuck into a traditional, gravy-laced pie – you won’t be disappointed.

Pie and mash


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Popularised on the street corners of Victorian Britain was the iconic pie and mash combo. Back in the day, piemen used to roam the streets flogging their wares – in place of the modern-day burger van or hotdog stand – and due to its deliciousness, the pie rapidly gained a foothold in the hearts of Londoners. Traditionally stuffed with cheap and easily sourced Thames eels, in more recent times you will be met with a juicy offering of beef or lamb. Head to the East End to secure yourself a pie, mash and a ladleful of lurid green eel liquor.

Pie Barm


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It’s time to introduce an up-and-comer on the pie scene, the affectionately dubbed, ‘Wigan Kebab’ – a decadent meat-filled pie, sandwiched in between a buttered roll. In the barmy town of Wigan, locals are undeniably pie mad. From hosting the World Pie Eating Championship to a failed attempt at sending a pie to space, this town is devoted to pastry, its people driven by pie-ty. To get your hands on one of these beige masterpieces, slink to Galloways Bakers to fill your boots with carb-heavy goodness.

Apple pie


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As the most loved pie amongst the dealchecker team and by far the sweetest, would any conversation about pie be complete without mention of the syrupy and tangtastic apple variety? No, it wouldn’t. The first known apple pie recipe was printed by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1381 – highlighting its longevity in the pastry sphere. Since then, poets, artists and people of the world have all marvelled at the downright deliciousness of the humble apple pie. The 14th-century English dramatist, Robert Green, was an especially big fan, as conveyed through his reference to the popular fruit-filled parcel in his love poetry, ‘They breath is like the steame of apple-pyes’. Saucy stuff.