To-Do List: The Places We Will Visit Once We Can Travel Again

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No one can jet off while in lockdown, and ironically, it’s probably what everyone craves most right now. An escape from the everyday, some time to switch off and relax, without the stresses of life blighting your day. After this is all over, we’ll never have appreciated a holiday more – the sun kissing your nose, the feeling of the sand between your toes, that golden hour between day and night when everything goes silent. We’ll have a new appreciation for it all, and you can bet your bottom dollar that we dealcheckers will be hopping on a plane as soon as it blows over. Wondering where we will be going? Wonder no more…



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Rosie, Head of Content
“For years I have been reading about Sicily’s sundrenched coastlines. It might finally be time to visit! I’m excited for lots of gelato, brightly-coloured towns set atop cliff tops and its vibrant people. I’ll be travelling with my best friend and to be honest, just seeing her will feel like a real treat.”

New York


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Helen, Email Marketing Manager
“I am booking flights to New Zealand to visit my best friend – who is currently travelling – for her 30th birthday. I am also planning to book a trip to New York for my 30th birthday next year – it’s always been my dream holiday after watching romcoms and Gossip Girl growing up. See you on the steps.”

South America


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Eleanor, Content Editor
“I’ve been wanting to explore Peru, Chile and Argentina for a while now, but seeing it on Race Across the World has made me more determined than ever to get there once we can travel again. I’d love to just hire an old 4×4 and set off into the wilderness to explore, plus I’ve got my eye on this particular hotel for a stop-off!”



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Polly, Social Media Executive
“I’ve wanted to visit Formentera, the smallest of the Balearic Islands, since I completed my degree. It looks like all the best parts of Ibiza and Majorca rolled into one. All I intend to do is lie on the beach with a fruity beverage and take regular dips in the pristine waters. Maybe throw in a boat trip or two and indulge in delicious Spanish tapas. It might seem a bit boring, but that sounds like heaven to me right now!”



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Marianne, Sub Editor
“Since I had to cancel a trip to Copenhagen all the way back in November, I’ve been researching all the things I want to do when I finally get there – probably about a year later! My list so far includes copious coffee and Danish pastries, at least one legendary Copenhagen hot dog, and all of the rides in the Tivoli Gardens – probably not in that order, though.”

The Lake District


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Ste, Managing Director
“Normally, Spring is the start of my hiking season. I was due to visit the Lakes in May, the Scottish Highlands in June and Snowdonia in July but I expect that restrictions will still be in place, which means I will miss each of these holidays. Hiking for me is a release from the daily grind and my state of mind is never as clear as when I’m at 3000 feet. It’s my passion in life and not being able to get to these places makes me yearn for them even more. I’m booked to go to the Lake District with my family during October half term so hopefully the world will be in a much better place by then and the mountains will still be there waiting for me, like old friends…”



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Shaj, Head of Sales
I did have Barcelona booked for next week (still getting over this) so I will definitely be looking to rebook that as soon as we’re back to some sort of normality. To keep us occupied, I’m thinking of two mini staycation trips, either to the Cotswolds or Brighton, and a weekend in Manchester too. I’d also like to book some more city breaks for the second half of the year – Stockholm, Porto, Dortmund and Eindhoven are all destinations I’d like to visit.

So these are the places our team will be jetting off to once we can book a break. Where’s next on your list?