Quirky things to do in Manchester

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Manchester is one of England’s most dynamic hubs, well known for its vibrant nightlife and impressive cityscapes. There are a number of historical and fascinating attractions in Manchester, including museums such as the Science and Industry Museum and People’s History Museum, however there’s also a variety of fun and quirky activities to get involved with if you fancy something a little out of the ordinary…

1. Exit the Room

Exit the Room is one of Manchester’s most famous escape rooms! This venue features three different immersive experiences: Murder Escape Room, Bomb Escape Room, and Madness Escape Room. Each of these has its own storyline and theme and is packed with puzzles and clues that guests can use to figure out how to escape the space. Prices for Exit the Room vary, however it is affordable and costs between £15 to £20 per person, depending on how many players there are. 

2. Immersive Game Box

Immersive Game Box is a venue in Manchester that features interactive projector screens and a range of game options. The virtual games available are projected onto the surrounding walls and drinks and food are delivered to your area while you play, making it a brilliant location for a boozy date night.

3. Cocktails Ahoy

Among its many draws, Manchester boasts a network of scenic canals. There are a number of boat tours that visitors can embark on when travelling to the city, one of which is the Cocktails Ahoy boat trip – a fantastic three-hour canal tour with bottomless cocktails and a dancefloor! Cocktails Ahoy also features an onboard DJ so you can have a boogie while you cruise.  This activity is particularly popular amongst those visiting for a weekend away, or people celebrating a special occasion. 


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4. The Crystal Maze Experience 

The Crystal Maze Experience is a fantastic activity for those visiting Manchester in a group. Inspired by the 90s television programme, The Crystal Maze Experience features four adventure zones, including a futuristic zone, Aztec zone, medieval zone, and industrial zone.  This experience will see players journey through each travel zone while completing challenging tasks against the clock. Similar to a big assault course, this is a great activity for those who like to keep active! 


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5. The Archertype

The Archertype is a huge indoor playground in the centre of Manchester and this experience is described as ‘archery tag’. Upon arrival, guests will be escorted to the playing site where they will learn the rules of the game and get kitted out with all of the equipment. Each player will be instructed to put on the necessary protective gear and handed their own bow and arrow. Instead of a metal arrowhead, the arrows at The Archertype feature a flat foam arrowhead to ensure that no harm is caused while playing. As the name suggests, archery tag is similar to regular tag but instead of tapping one another and running away, players aim to hit one another with their foam arrows. This is an incredibly fun and unusual activity, great for those who want to try something a bit out of the ordinary!