Romantic Cities for Singletons

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Being single can be expensive. It can also result in disastrous dates and daunting solo travel experiences. But luckily, this is not always the case. We’ve found a hefty selection of metropolitan cities that are great places for the singleton to meet a mate. So get working your way through our list below and fall in love – be it with a city dweller, or with a beautiful city itself!

New York

new york

Ross and Rachel, Carrie and Big, Lennon and Ono – yes, New York is renowned for both real-life and make-believe couples and as such, has to make the list. But it’s not just onscreen / famed-fuelled love that flourishes in the Big Apple. This is a city where cafes, bars, and parks are filled to the brim with eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. It also tops the charts when it comes to old fashioned chivalry – ladies don’t be surprised to be offered a brolly when it rains (listen up male Londonians!)



The ‘city of love’ lives up to the stereotypes when it comes to romance. Paris is pure hedonism, and it’s easy to get wrapped up in the culture of wine, beautiful cafes, glamorous architecture and well, confidence. It’s a destination where you’ll suddenly find yourself approaching that interesting guy/girl in the corner and discussing the nearby art gallery over a bottle (or three) of the finest vin.



Despite the hectic work-focused life led by many Londoners, there’s a romantic whirlwind that seeps through England’s capital city and it’s almost impossible not to get swept up in it. A plethora of nightly events make it easy to meet like-minded people, plus the capital is awash with dating events, romance-themed nights and candle-lit bars and restaurants.

Cape Town

cape town

With waterfront eateries, a mountain backdrop and sunny weather, the scene for romance is already set in South Africa’s hedonistic hub. Fly to Cape Town and discover a city filled to the brim with funky bars and colourful haunts that are frequented by a trendy youth who aren’t afraid to embrace the subject of lurve!



Once dubbed the ‘Paris of the Orient’ the effortlessly stylish Shanghai is expensive for China but cheap by Western standards, making it a great choice for those seeking adventure on a budget. Attracting educated job-seekers from all around the globe, the party-hard, ultra-glam city is a treasure trove for single women and men alike.

Buenos Aires


Argentina’s capital is cheap enough to go out every night, with clubs and bars open all hours and eating, drinking and partying all top of the priority list. In fact, most activities such as theatre going are affordable in comparison to the UK, and the city is an authentic place to learn the sensual art of tango. The only issue when it comes to romance is the language barrier (a grasp on Spanish may be helpful) – but if not, luckily the Argentinian love scene can be experienced via the interpretative language of dance!



With most Berliners fluent in English, this uber-cool art-filled city is renowned for its romantic side. Friendly locals, excitable tourists on their first Berlin trip and laid-back expats make a vibrant combo of characters – with wining and dining top of the list.



As the most populated city in Australia, Sydney is an eclectic mix of laid-back surfer types, uni goers and city slickers. But there is one thing that all these characters have in common – they love to kick back in the evening with a beachside barbecue and a couple of brewskies. You’ll have met a new beau in no time!