A Royal Affair

As little girls we all hold the hope that one day we might marry a prince, and in doing so, gain the much sought after title of Princess. As we grow up, we realise that this in fact happens for approximately 0.01% of the female population, and the rest of us will have to settle for a less regal calibre of gent. But for a certain young beauty from Berkshire, a real life Cinderella story has occurred…The world this week has learned that the long-awaited engagement between Kate Middleton and Prince William has finally been set in stone. The dealchecker office has been all of a flurry with speculation about said wedding, from the venue to what she’ll wear (lets face it, no-one cares what the groom wears. Sorry boys.) And then, being the travel-monsters that we are, we got to thinking…where would they honeymoon? Well, Kate and Wills, just for you, we’ve compiled this lovely list of four recommendations for where we would go if we were one half of an aristocratic power couple and could enjoy the subsequent wealth and social clout this afforded us. You’re very welcome.

Banyan Tree Resort, Phuket

Banyan Tree Resort

The Banyan Tree Resort looks like the stuff honeymoon dreams are made of. You can just imagine Kate looking fetching in a one piece by that gorgeous pool, while William sits in the cabana and ponders just how much hair he really has lost in the past five years. The exotic design and stunning outdoor space make an undeniably fantastic first impression; the bedrooms appear to float because of the full length glass windows that make up the ‘walls’ of this paradise lost. No less than full service would be proper for royalty, so luckily for Kate and Will the price includes a 24 hour butler service, a cooked to order breakfast and a so called ‘romantic evening’ prepared by staff which includes a flower petal bath and a candlelit bedroom. Cheesy? Definitely. But it’s a honeymoon, so get over it.

Hotel Imperial, Austia

Hotel Imperial

Now, whilst there’s a chance that Royalty might get sick of staying in palaces (but…really?!) it seems only fitting that a Prince and his chosen Princess should stay in the digs of one of their regal kinsmen. Many moons ago, the Hotel Imperial was a 19th Century Viennese Prince’s palace, and judging by this picture, the honeymoon suite was definitely his own personal boudoir. A picture tells a thousand words, as the saying goes, so we probably don’t need to tell you why this particular hotel is fit for a (future) king. Aesthetics aside however, the service you’ll be provided with is truly aristocratic. Morning brings tea and a hand-ironed newspaper (seriously) enjoyed beside your 19th Century silks and antiques, and a quick revel in the breathtaking view of the city whilst breakfasting on your very own private balcony. Later, when you’re exhausted from all that doing, erm, nothing, have your butler serve you dinner by candlelight in the privacy of your suite. Jeeves!

The Bale hotel, Bali, Indonesia

Bale Hotel

Bali is an ideal honeymooning destination; idyllic scenery , friendly locals and a low key pace of life, it is both relaxing and interesting in equal measure. We’re sure that Kate and Will would love the chilled out, private vibe of Bali; they do, after all, spend most of their lives back in England holed up in their remote Welsh cottage! This hotel is modern, luxurious and filled with those little touches of detail that make a nice hotel amazing. Surrounded by sleek infinity pools and lush horticulture, the Bale Hotel is the perfect setting for relaxing into the apparent ease of newly married life before the illusion is rudely shattered by long commutes, angry English people and rain – otherwise known as real life.

Ca Maria Adele, Venice

Venice Hote

It’s a cliche for a reason – Venice is undoubtably one of the most romantic cities in the world. For recently married lovers there’s much to be said for those shadowy Venetian corners designed for dark deeds, sumptuous architecture and winding, narrow streets ringing with the sighs and heartaches of lovers past. Because of this, there are undoubtably a wealth of ‘romantic’ hotels to be found in this city, but we think the Ca Maria Adele of Venice could be the love shack du jour. The hotel is all chocolate brown wood, purple wallpaper and huge, inviting beds, and takes no prisoners when it comes to the ‘lovers retreat’ theme. Ahem. In the heart of Venices art quarter, the hotel has enviable access to the main sightseeing spots of Venice…that is if you even leave your hotel room, you mischievous newlyweds you!

If you end up hearing in the inevitable rabid press coverage that will ensue that Wills and Kate are planning on visitng any of the above hotels…you heard it here first!