Better to be Safe than Sunburnt!

For many Brits, tanning and sunburn go hand in hand, with getting a little pink just the precursor to a tan that’s the envy of your mates back home. But there is another way, you can tan the safe way and make sure that your bronzed skin lasts longer. Just don’t overdo it as there’s nothing worse than the leathery look!


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Mmmm, all those skin cells that build up in your pores and on your skin, they are in the way of getting an even and long-lasting tan so in the weeks before your holiday embark on an exfoliating regime. Use scrubs or an exfoliating brush and always scrub in the direction of your heart as this will improve your circulation into the bargain.

Eat the right things


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Antioxidants have been proven to reduce the risks of tanning by eliminating free radicals from inside the body. It’s a great excuse to kick start the healthy lifestyle you’ve been promising yourself so tuck into plenty of carrots, cantaloupe melons, mangoes, spinach and apricots to boost your internal health.


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If you think you may just have left the healthy eating too late, then get hold of some supplements. Beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E are the ones that will help you get a nice tan and maintain it for longer and if you’re feeling brave then copper supplements are said to help reduce the risk of sunburn. Take them all summer long if you can to get the most out of them.

Sun Cream


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Most of all though, now you’ve put all this effort in, you have to be sensible! Tanning works best when it’s built up gradually so don’t go for an eight-hour session right off the plane! SPF 15 sun cream is what you should be slapping on at the start of your holiday, or a sun-block with a slightly lower factor. Apply the first coat in your hotel, naked, to make sure you get all of you, and reapply every two hours or so. Staying out of sun from 12 til 3 will help, which is just perfect for lunch and a nap, and take days off from the beach to give your body a rest. You never know, you might just see some interesting things too!


Soothing 24hr moisture...

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This should be a nightly ritual once you’ve started the slow tanning process. Take a shower to remove all the residual suncream and then slather yourself in moisturiser. Cocoa butter or ones fortified with vitamin E are great for prolonging your hard earned tan.

With these tips you can return home from your holiday looking and feeling healthy inside and out. Now you’ll just have to decide where to go!

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