Low Season Summer Treats

It’s no secret that airlines and holiday providers bump up their prices for the summer holidays and it can be hard to get away for a holiday that doesn’t break the bank, particularly with a family in tow. Over the past couple of years we’ve seen a resurgence of holidaying at home, with many seaside resorts enjoying plenty of visitors.

But all of this staying at home gets a bit boring doesn’t it? We want to go somewhere where the food, the scenery and the people are a little different from the norm. If only there was somewhere we could go where the weather was good and it was cheap to get there and to stay there.

Ski resorts are the answer. Now this might sound crazy on first viewing, but quite logical when you think about it. Accommodation is cheap because skiiers are thin on the ground, since the snow has long since disappeared. What you’re left with are beautiful mountains, clear air, and loads of hiking and biking trails to follow. We’ve picked out some of the hot spots for you, now you just have to decide which one to go for


photo by Moe_

The Austrian Alps are ideal for a cheap summer holiday and Innsbruck is a great spot. The historic town centre is a beautiful place to relax in whilst the surrounding mountains offer plenty of routes and offer spectacular views as a reward for all your hard work. With daytime temperatures around 25°C you might even work up a sweat from time to time!


photo by dimodi

Bulgarian ski resorts are just starting to become popular with UK travellers and this is a beautiful part of the world that’s just waiting for summer visitors too. There’s plenty of opportunities for long and short hikes as well as several mountaineering and rock climbing spots if you want to up the adrenaline a little. It’s so unheard of over here I could only find a snow-covered shot, but rest assured it only looks like this in the winter.


photo by irumiha

On the shore of Lake Lokvarsko in the mountainous Gorski Kotar region of Croatia, this idyllic spots boasts activities galore. Walks around the lakes and into the mountains are popular or you can enjoy the quiet life with a spot of fishing. The nearby Lokvarka Caves are great for exploring and Golubinjak Nature Forest Park offers yet more nature trails that can be enjoyed on foot or by bike.


photo by markbyzewski

If you want to go a little crazier with the budget then Aspen in Colorado is perfect. With plenty of accommodation, it’s well known for its natural beauty and the Maroon Lake provides the perfect setting for a lazy day on the shore before you tackle the next mountain. Summer highs of about 25°C are paired with slightly chilly nights but with well-insulated living quarters you won’t even notice.

top image by Francisco Antunes