What is Slow Food?

A new food craze is ever so slowly taking over the nation…yes, it’s slow food! But what exactly is slow food and what makes it so slow? Well, it’s an idea that dates back to 1986 and it gets its name from being the antithesis to fast food.

Slow food is all about focussing on eating local produce, things that are readily available near you, or have long been produced by the area, as well as looking to preserve the traditional regional delicacies. This is nicely tapping into our desires to eat food with fewer food miles as well. So how can you get involved?

Grow Your Own

My veg patch

by net_efekt

I know it’s a bit late in the year to be growing your own veg for the summer, but it’s the perfect time to start planning your garden for next year, and maybe even digging a good patch and adding some fertilizer ready for the crops. Think about planting heritage or heirloom varieties of vegetables, and don’t be afraid to head to your local allotments to ask a green fingered person or two for a couple of tips! If you need inspiration on varieties look up the Ark of Taste or your local seed bank on the internet.

Farmers Markets

Farmers' Market

by NatalieMaynor

Slow Food UK is enjoying an increasingly large presence at Farmers Markets across the country, and of course just buying from these markets is a great step in the right direction too. Talk to the farmers and see what they think grows best in your local area, buy in-season and head to the shops regularly to make sure that you eat the fresh produce at its best.

Learn About Your Region

first asparagus

by Muffet

We have a long history of producing some outstanding local delicacies in the UK so it shouldn’t be hard to track down something where you live. From vegetables, cheeses and meats to a whole host of fish, we have plenty to be proud of.

Visit The Taste Space

Covent Garden, Exits 3 and 4

by R/DV/RS

This little spot in London’s Covent Garden is the world’s first slow food shop so if you’re visiting the capital for a spot of sightseeing why not stop by to grab a bite to eat and see what all the fuss is about.

Join In

The group

by Grzegorz Lobinski

There are loads of ways to join in if you want to get more involved, with meet-ups, projects, tasting groups and much more happening all over the county. The Slow Food UK website is a great place to get started.

top image by quacktaculous