Sri Lanka – Unbeatable Sights From Awe-Inspiring Heights

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Drudgery of the day-to-day putting you in need of a vacay? With a documented history of 3,000 years, multiple world heritage sites and large expanses of golden beaches – Sri Lanka is on many a holiday hot list. From ancient civilizations to the exotic species of internationally protected reserves – here’s a list of Sri Lanka’s finest forests to get you fired up on flora and fauna!



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Rising  200 metres above the surrounding jungle – the colossal Sigirya rock juxtaposes the raw beauty of nature and a remarkable feat of human endeavour. Believed to be sculpted and crafted as far back as 477 AD  this crumbling civilization, dotted with fortifications and irrigation systems, harks back to a pre-emptive time before time. Reach the now dormant settlement via a network of steps, stopping to admire the vibrant Apsara paintings and the guardian of this Lion Rock, or at least it’s remnants, a grandiose set of Lion’s claws. Truly unmissable.

Horton Plains National Park


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Situated in Sri Lanka’s central highlands, you will find a vast park dominated by montane grassland and luscious cloud forests. Home to important woodland plants and roaming herds of Sri Lankan sambar deer, this magnificent plateau possesses wild beauty in abundance. If you take the circular route through its dappled underbelly you will encounter Baker’s Falls – a 20 metre waterfall dubbed after famous explorer, Samuel Baker. Alongside, enjoy  the unbeatable sight of World’s End – a dramatic cease to the cloud forest surrounds where you can enjoy eye-watering views when the unrelenting mist allows.


Knuckles Mountain Range


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The Jason Statham of treks, Knuckles Mountain Range is for hiking pros and all-round  tough nuts. Shaped uncannily like human knuckles, you’re going to need  a lot of stamina for this fist fight. No matter your chosen path, a guide will assist you on your way through the maze of cloud forests, streams, rare birds and amphibians. An especially popular route, Nitro Caves, will take you to humongous caves inhabited by hundreds of bats – sit back and enjoy the panoramic rainforest views while observing these impressive winged mammals.


Sinharaja Forest Reserve


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Designated a Biosphere Reserve and by UNESCO, Sinharaja Forest Reserve boasts vastly endemic tree and wildlife species – hence its international protection. This tropical rainforest is home to rare butterflies and insects as well as elephants and leopards. A vibrant and luscious offering, ‘Lion Kingdom’ has waterfalls, viewpoints  and  research centres to bolster visitor understanding. Mosey around with a park ranger, and try to clock the native Layard’s parakeet and brown-capped babbler. Nature at its best!


Udawattakele Forest Sanctuary


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The last capital of the Sri Lankan kings, Kandy is a place of significant religious importance. This vibrant city boasts the Temple of the Sacred Tooth, the resting place of the relic of the tooth of Buddha – founder of buddhist teachings. Flanking this spiritual landmark, Udawattakele Sanctuary does justice to its world heritage site status. Laden with exotic birds and endemic flora, tourists flock here in droves to observe Buddhist meditation hermitages and meander the lovers’ walk, which runs adjacent to the sanctuary’s Royal Pond.