How To Look Great After a Flight

We’ve all seen them: those grossly unfair pictures of celebrities stepping off a 12-hour flight looking unfeasibly red-carpet-ready. It’s annoying, quite frankly, and a little inconsiderate, considering that most of us look like Steve Buscemi at the wrong end of a bad day when we step off a plane. But no fear! dealchecker is armed with an arsenal of crafty tricks designed to transform you from plane-Jane to runway stunner in a mile-high minute. We should tell you now though, we accept no responsibility if your ravishing good looks get you papped at the other end.

Image by Vox Efx

1.) Repeat after me: water is my FRIEND. Don’t underestimate the power of a big ol’ bottle of mineral water. The air on a plane is about as dry an environment you could have the misfortune to come across without diving headfirst into a pile of Saharan sand. With this in mind, it follows that hydration is key to making you look and feel great. Drinking 2 litres of water will ensure that your skin retains its elasticity and that you’ll step off that plane looking like J-Lo in her ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’ days. Probably.

Image by sskennel

2.) You booze, you lose. Now, I know it’s hard. “I’m going on me ‘olidays!” I hear you cry! You want a glass of something with at least 5% alcohol in it to kick start those sunshine vibes – and that’s fine. If you’ve ever read our office party blogs you’ll know that we’re hardly slaves to abstinence ourselves. But getting absolutely plastered on board a flight is a surefire way to end up looking like Courtney Love circa 1993 at the end of a three-day bender. Have a drink, even two – but leave it at that. You’ll thank us later.

Image by Kirti Poddar

3.) If you’re on a flight this summer, chances are you’ll be moments from parading your worried flesh in some sort of unforgiving swimwear. With this in mind, it’s probably an idea to avoid heavy carbohydrates whilst on board. Keep your face, body and mood feeling lean and streamlined with light protein based snacks. Taking a few dietary supplements can also can things ticking over too – try taking a couple of fish oil supplements for hydrated hair, skin and nails.

Image by Kanko

4.) Take a hike! Taking a wander around the plane regularly will ensure that your ankles and calves don’t get bloated and swollen – we’ve done the research, and this is a strong look for NO ONE. Regular strolls will keep everything moving, as well as preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis, which by all accounts, is something best avoided.

Image by Phillie Casablanca

5.) We can’t stress this enough: moisturise! Avoid wearing makeup on a flight – honestly, no one really cares what you look like anyway – and replace heavy foundation with a thick night cream. It will sink into your skin much more quickly than in a normal environment and will ensure that once you reach your destination you’ll have peachy beach-ready skin.

image by jerine

6.) Hit snooze! Sleep is the best way to reach your destination looking and feeling serene. Grab that eye mask and drift off…go on, you know you want to.

We hope these tips help you disembark that plane feeling more Johnny Depp than Johnny Rotten. Now you’ve got your tricks of the trade, you might want to find some cheap flights to go with them – well, it’d be rude not wouldn’t it?!