Help! Sunburn!

We’ve all been there, in the quest for that all-important holiday tan we get a little, er, over exuberant on the first day of our holiday and end up with sunburn. Of course we know that we could have prevented it, but that doesn’t really help now, when our face/arms/feet/everything is red and sore and we can’t sleep properly. So is there anything that can be done to help us out of our misery?

by carnoodles

Hydrate: If you’re sunburnt then chances are that you’re also dehydrated, which won’t help your skin repair itself. So do yourself a favour all round and drink plenty. Water, that is, alcohol at this point may make you forget your sunburn but won’t do you any favours in the long run.

Shower Head Water Drops 7-26-09 1

by stevendepolo

Bring on the cool: Whilst it’s tempting to try and jump head first into the ice box behind the bar, it’s not very good for you to expose your poor sunburned skin to something quite so cold. Instead, a nice cool shower followed by drying in the air is a much better way to alleviate that initial discomfort.

Aloe ferox

by art_es_anna

Moisturise: There’s hundreds of aftersun lotions, many with budget-busting pricetags on, so it can get a bit pricey to keep slapping them on. Aloe Vera gels are the best thing that you can use on sunburn and often come in at a much better price too. Apply and re-apply as soon as it seems like your skin has sucked up all that moisture.

Pain Killers (254 / 365)

by somegeekintn

Painkilers: Not an option for children, but if you, oh poor sunburnt adult, need a bit of respite from the pain so you can get some well-earned shut eye then a couple of paracetamol or aspirin should do the trick.

by xjrlokix

Extreme measures: If none of this is giving you any relief then Calamine lotion might be your last resort. You will end up looking like someone attacked you with the whitewash but it’ll instantly soothe and alleviate your symptoms. Just make sure you shower before you head out to breakfast!

top photo by Rob Boudon