Technology Detox Holidays

These days we’re always on the go, there’s the phone, email, texts, twitter, facebook and an ever-increasing number of portable gadgets like tablet readers. They let us read, work, connect and interact with the world wherever we are, but if all that technology leaves you feeling a little jaded then you might just need a detox. Working on the same principles as a food detox, this means letting go of all those things that bleep, ring, and use electricity to connect you to the world. It’s going to be a shock but we’ve got some places you can go to help you out.


Detox Hotels

by chascar

The USA is the first country to really get in on the act of encouraging you to detox your technological life. There are a number of hotels where you ‘check in’ your electronics at the front desk when you arrive, so you can’t look at them all the time. Even better, if you agree to leave every last one – mobile included – they often give you extra freebies! We think the Tranquility Suite in the Hotel Monaco in Chicago looks divine, but you could also try Lake Placid Lodge or Teton Lodge and Spa in Wyoming. Don’t fear, the trend is slowly making its way to Europe too, with  the Dolce La Hulpe Hotel in Brussels leading the way.

Out of Range

by TheCreativePenn

Of course, you could just head off out of range, where there are no phone signals or internet cables. It’s getting harder and harder to find such spots but look for active holidays which mean that the focus will be taken away from the detox’s negative sides – like anxiety, finger twitching and a feeling of nakedness. It could be just the time to make that Machu Picchu trek you’ve always dreamed of, take to the Australian outback to see Uluru, or go on Safari in Africa. It’s going to be tempting to try and find the nearest internet café when you come across a small village but try to connect with your fellow travellers, write in a journal, or just take time to savour the food you can try.

No Signal

by Tim Green aka atoch

Whilst you’re going to need some will-power to try this one, you can also find yourself out of phone range and away from any source of internet in the UK. Head to some of the country’s more remote spots and tuck yourself away in a cosy cottage in a coastal village. Try St Agnes on the North Cornwall coast, St Abbs on Scotland’s east coast or Barmouth in Wales. You’ll be able to take lovely long walks, visit the local pub (trust me, there will be one!) and spend plenty of time resting, relaxing and enjoying the company of your travelling companions. You just won’t be able to use your phone or the internet as chances are there won’t be any signal!

Home Detox

by Witches Fall Cottages

If all of that seems like just too much of a big step (well, that’s kind-of the point), we’ll let you easy your way in! Why not try a home detox. Switch off your internet, phone, laptop and all and make time to do something for yourself instead. You could get outside and go for a nice walk in the crisp autumnal air, run an indulgent bath and read a book, or just catch up on that long-neglected hobby! Try to stay off the electronics for at least two to three hours to really feel some of the effects.

top image by tolomea