Tenerife’s Best-Loved Attractions, Unmissable Spots and Insider Tips

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Tenerife is a stunning island that has become immensely popular amongst Brits in recent years. While the island is famed for its Mount Teide excursions and black-sand beaches, there are a number of other ways to fill your time visiting this dazzling destination.

Boat Excursions

Tenerife’s marine life is definitely worth seeing! Whether you’re more interested in seeing dolphins, whales or sea turtles, this Canary Island is a great place to do it. You’ll find that there is an abundance of salesmen trying to sell you boating excursions to see these beloved sea creatures, however you will typically find the cheapest rates at the stalls in front of Puerto Colón. There are daily boat trips that guarantee whale and dolphin sightings and others that offer snorkelling at a secluded bay, which is actually nicknamed Turtle Bay due to its lively sea turtle population. Most of these boating excursions offer lunch and a glass of bubbly to enjoy while on the water too. 

Beach Clubs

There are a number of beach clubs dotted around Tenerife, however not all of them may be to your taste. We’ve shortlisted some of the best, depending on whether you’re seeking a relaxing day out or more of a beach party vibe.

The Beach Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

The Beach Club at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife is unquestionably gorgeous, and features a lagoon-style swimming pool complete with water features and surrounded by palm trees and rock formations, giving it a tropical feel. The poolside restaurant and bar serves a range of beautifully presented dishes and elevated cocktails, making it a wonderful place to spend the day. While this spot provides visitors with a drop of luxury, it does come with a price. The food and drink at this beach club (and at the Hard Rock Hotel in general) is a little steep, but not extortionate. Plus, the price that you pay to enter can then be used on refreshments  while you’re there — usually around €40 per person. Music is played throughout the day which only adds to the relaxing yet upbeat atmosphere, so we’d recommend this location to holidaymakers who are looking for a tranquil and opulent day out. 

Kaluna Beach Club, Costa Adeje

This beach club is well suited to those embarking on a boozy getaway with friends. Kaluna Beach Club can be found in Costa Adeje, placed in between Playa de Fañabé and Playa de la Pinta. At this venue, you’ll find a live DJ, musical guests, a buzzing bar and a large outdoor swimming pool overlooking the sandy beach. DJ nights and events take place at Kaluna Beach Club throughout the week, and those who attend are usually seen piling happily into a taxi at the end of the day — a clear sign of a good time. While we wouldn’t recommend coming here for a relaxing time at the beach, if you’re looking for a fun-filled, exciting and possibly boozy day out, then this could be the place for you.


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OA Beach Club, Playa de las Américas

Similar to The Beach Club at Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife, OA Beach Club is more appealing  to those who are seeking a relaxing day under the sun. This spot exudes opulence and has a bohemian yet elegant feel. The prices aren’t too high and there is also a bar and restaurant at this venue, which serves a range of Mediterranean, Spanish and seafood dishes. Unlike the other places mentioned, OA Beach Club is located on a private stretch of sand and boasts its own walled section of aquamarine water. This venue also plays music throughout the day and is a great place to be during sunset.


If you’re looking to embark on a shopping spree then Tenerife is a great place to do so, and is home to a number of shops that originated in Spain, like Zara, Bershka and Stradivarius. You’ll find that many of your favourite shops will be a lot cheaper in Tenerife than they are in the UK for this very reason! 

Safari Centre

The Safari Centre can be found in the well-loved area and tourist hotspot of Playa de las Américas. Not only is the Safari Centre home to a range of popular shops, but many of them have sales that begin at the end of July and last until the middle of August, perfectly timed for holidaygoers jetting off during the school holidays. Plus, there are a plethora of delicious restaurants at the Safari Centre: our top picks include Mamma Mia, Thai Botanico and Hacienda Miranda. 


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Siam Mall, Costa Adeje

Perhaps the most popular shopping mall in Tenerife, Siam Mall is a sister company to the beloved waterpark and one of Tenerife’s best-loved attractions Siam Park. This huge shopping centre can be found right next to Siam Park and features two floors and 70 stores! You’ll find some of your favourite shops at this complex as well as a range of eclectic drinking and dining spots, including a rooftop hookah bar and a Starbucks!


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Family-Friendly Attractions

Siam Park, Costa Adeje

As mentioned, Siam Park is one of the island’s greatest assets and is incredibly popular amongst visitors and locals alike. This Costa Adeje waterpark is brimming with exciting slides, thrilling rides and the world’s largest artificial waves at its manmade beach! Siam Park is great for people of all ages: there are a number of water features scattered around as well as child-friendly flumes for the little ones, making it a wonderful family day out. This being said, there is a collection of massive, action-packed rides certain to raise your adrenaline levels, that make it an exciting experience for adults too. If you do visit Siam Park, we recommend purchasing a fast pass band which allows you to skip the queue once per ride and doesn’t cost much more than a standard ticket. Additionally, consider investing in some water shoes before going, as the floor is a bit rough in some spots and the queues can be lengthy!


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Monkey Park, Los Cristianos

This quaint zoo makes for a great day out for animal lovers or those travelling with little ones! The Monkey Park is a roadside zoo featuring a number of species of monkey and birds, as well as smaller animals like tortoises and guinea pigs. The real lure of this attraction is the monkey and lemur walk through where you’ll be able to get up close and personal with lots of friendly lemurs, tortoises and squirrel monkeys. Be sure to purchase a box of food alongside your ticket in order to feed the animals, and if you’re lucky the monkeys may even jump onto your lap or shoulder. We recommend visiting Monkey Park if you have a rental car as it is fairly hard to access otherwise! 


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Loro Parque, Puerto de la Cruz

Located in Puerto de la Cruz, Loro Parque is a great place to visit if you’re staying in the north of the island. This attraction is a zoo and conservation centre, most famous for its magnificent orcas. There are a number of adorable animals and sea creatures that call Loro Parque home, which makes it particularly popular amongst those travelling with families. In addition to its ever-so-popular orca and dolphin shows, there is also an orca themed roller coaster at this park, adored by little ones. While we highly recommend Loro Parque, those visiting Tenerife tend to stay in the south of the island, so it’s important to organise your transport to and from the centre before booking your tickets.


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