The 10 Most Aesthetic Indoor Bars in London

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The days are slowly getting shorter and the temperature is beginning to drop which means that it is time to move from sunny rooftops to indoor bars. While there is nothing quite like drinking in the sunshine, there is a plethora of charming and aesthetic indoor bars scattered around London which could prove to be great alternatives.

1. Sketch London 

Sketch is well-known around London for its aesthetic interior and unique cocktail menu. The artsy appearance of this iconic bar is a likely reason for its success and popularity since its opening in 2003. Best known for its afternoon tea menu, Sketch serves a variety of small and large plates and appeals to a range of different tastes and dietary preferences. Whether you’d prefer to drink in the enchanted forest, the gallery, or the lecture room, this bar is sure to have a spot that appeals.


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2. La Goccia

If you prefer something a little bit more botanical, La Goccia just might be for you! Fitted with a glass-door conservatory, this bar allows guests to enjoy the outdoors from inside by filling the space with gorgeous greenery. Located in Covent Garden, La Goccia has an impressive menu, boasting Italian cuisine and a range of delicious cocktails. 


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3. The Hansom

Located in the St Pancras hotel, The Hansom is a spectacular bar perfect for those who long for that element of luxury. This chic bar is known for its extensive cocktail menu which offers guests the choice between two mixology journeys titled ‘Platform 1’ and ‘Platform 2’. The Platform 1 cocktail journey features five cocktails, each inspired by places within England. Meanwhile, Platform 2 offers five cocktails influenced by places within Europe. Alternatively, if cocktails aren’t your thing, The Hansom serves a variety of other drinks including wine, beer, and soft drinks. 


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4. Mr Fogg’s House of Botanicals

If you’d like to drink delicious cocktails in a beautiful venue, then Mr Fogg’s House of Botanicals is the place for you. Mr Fogg’s is an incredibly successful franchise that can be found in a variety of locations throughout London. With a ceiling entirely covered in hanging wisteria, the House of Botanicals is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing and picturesque of all of Mr Fogg’s bars. Each of the venues has its own unique cocktail menu in fitting with the theme of the bar – as you may predict, the House of Botanicals drinks menu uses botanicals from around the world to create mouthwatering cocktails.


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5. Cahoots

If you’re looking for a more immersive experience, then Cahoots could be the perfect venue. Described as “a playground for London’s scoundrels”, this bar has been adapted to resemble an old train station, featuring three different spaces: the underground, the signal station, and the ticket hall. The bar is incredibly distinctive, providing guests with an immersive experience by creating a realistic post-war bootleg storyline, as well as hiring actors to further transport guests back to the 1940s. 


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6. St James Bar

St James Bar can be found in the Sofitel London hotel and is a great place to visit if you’re looking for somewhere with a sophisticated touch. This hotel bar has a sizeable cocktail menu featuring 16 different cocktails, each inspired by the world’s most sough-after experiences like seeing the northern lights and scaling Mount Everest. Additionally, St James’s drinks menu was illustrated and designed by artist Simon Grant and includes a multitude of intricate and outstanding paintings to demonstrate the beauty in travelling the world. 


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7. Seed Library

This eclectic cocktail bar is situated in Shoreditch and is effortlessly chic and modern in its appearance. The Seed Library offers a variety of drinks, many of which are a contemporary take on classic cocktails. For example, the bar’s spicy metropolitan contains salted raspberry instead of cranberry juice and includes a scotch bonnet chilli for an added kick. Additionally, putting a twist on the strawberry daiquiri, this venue also serves a chive daiquiri containing white rum, fresh chives, coconut milk, and lime juice. If you enjoy branching out and trying new things, then the Seed Library bar may be for you.


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8. Rules

Rules is located just outside of Covent Garden. Despite being the oldest restaurant in London, Rules is a restaurant and bar that has proven to be incredibly popular among guests in the 21st century. This venue was recently refurbished, extending the space in order to accommodate a contemporary bar upstairs, which has been described as one of ‘the places to drink cocktails in London’. Rules offers a variety of cocktails, as well as a vast selection of quality wines from around the world. 


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9. Oriole

If you feel like leaving your worries at the door and spending a night away from the outside world, Oriole promises to assist you in achieving this. With teal and gold detailing, this bar is both modern and niche in its appearance and is guaranteed to fulfil your expectations. Musicians perform live at Oriole every evening from 9pm and the menu offers a range of cocktails inspired by different countries around the world, each of which is served in a corresponding and often curious glass with a garnish. 


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10. Vaulty Towers

For those who are looking for a wonderfully weird and psychedelic atmosphere, Vaulty Towers could be a perfect fit. Vaulty Towers can be found around the corner from Waterloo Station and is filled with quirky seating areas, including a treehouse, a floral cave, and a seat shaped like a crescent moon. This eccentric bar is both affordable and Instagramable, perfect for those who want to get some great photographs without breaking the bank.


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