The Filming Locations for Bond 25: No Time To Die

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Matera in the sunshine

The long-awaited return of James Bond is finally here…18 months after its planned initial release. And while we say goodbye to Daniel Craig as 007, we welcome a number of new and iconic filming locations. Here, we take you through the destinations that feature in No Time To Die…



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Would a James Bond film be a James Bond film without a scene or two set in London? Home of Mr Bond himself and, of course, Her Majesty’s secret service, London is one of the most regularly featured filming locations in the franchise. Pinewood Studios is where most of the Bond films are put together, and iconic landmarks and symbols of London have played major parts too: from the Tube chase in Skyfall, to the high-speed boat pursuit up the Thames in The World is Not Enough. Our capital features in No Time To Die too — Bond looks out over the city from Whitehall and makes a quick pit stop at Q’s house. While there may not be any major London landmarks to look out for this time, there is a plethora of impactful scenes located elsewhere.

Faroe Islands


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With a visit to the Faroe Islands, it seems that Mr Bond stuck to the UK’s traffic light system when it came to travel in No Time To Die. It is the first time that the North Atlantic archipelago has featured in any 007 movie, and with winding roads, tunnels through majestic mountains and a stunning coastline, it’s a wonder that this stunning spot hasn’t featured sooner. A crew of 60 filmed for two days in Trøllanes and for three days at the nearby lighthouse and surrounding areas. Spoiler alert: these are where the last moments of No Time To Die are rumoured to be filmed, so keep an eye out for rolling landscapes and craggy coastlines!



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Mr Bond certainly isn’t afraid of the cold. In No Time to Die he heads off to beautiful Norway — and we can see why. The visual smorgasbord that is on offer in this Nordic beauty makes it a stunning setting for the most recent release. No good Bond film is complete without a good car chase scene, and it seems that the setting this time is the Atlantic Road. This 8.3km stretch runs through an archipelago and links the mainland with Averøy island. The highway also hovers over the Atlantic Ocean and is regularly battered by waves and spray, especially during the winter months. Norway also stars in the frozen lake chase scene — another iconic part of the No Time to Die trailer — which takes place on Langvann lake. If it’s this memorable in the teaser alone, we can’t wait to see it on the big screen!



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During the press event for the announcement of No Time to Die, producer Barbara Broccoli revealed that Ian Fleming thought up the character of Bond while he was in Jamaica, thus the island has always been the spy’s ‘spiritual home’. In Jamaica, we see Bond look over the ocean from what we must admit is an utterly enviable water villa in Port Antonio, which serves as Bond’s retirement home. During his time there, we see Bond in a new light, relaxing and kicking back on his yacht, but with a two hour and 43 minute runtime, we can be certain that doesn’t last for long…



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Finishing off our filming locations is family favourite, Italy – and Matera is the star of this show! Matera plays a memorable part in the trailer, so we are sure it plays a big part in the film, with a car chase sequence offering a good look at this historical spot. Other destinations in Italy feature too, including the beautiful region of Puglia where James Bond jumps off the two-tier bridge, Ponte dell’Acquedotto in Gravina. Sapri is another spot that pops up, with golden sands serving as the beachy location for this installment.