The Netherlands Bucket List

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dealchecker’s favourite work experiencer is back, and this time we got her to divulge her top tips for travelling in the Netherlands!


The Netherlands are beautiful with magnificent landscapes and divine food.

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Here are some things I would DEFINITELY recommend when you’re on your travels in the Netherlands.

1. Cycle in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is well known for its cycling population so have a go at their lifestyle along the canals. It is an utterly breathtaking experience as you cycle along and see all the boats on the canal.

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Restaurant Adam has a full five-star ranking on TripAdvisor and has “Just perfect food” and is an “Amazing spot” according to previous customers.

2. Vondelpark

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Vondelparkin Amsterdam is angelic at anytime of the year. It also has an open air theatre where they display many movies, and the best thing about it is that it is 100% free!

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Blauwe Theehuis is a little French place which has a 3.9-star ranking on google and is “A perfect spot for a nice coffee break or lunch” and is the “Best cafe in the park” according to previous customers.

3. Arnhem

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Arnhem is full of creativity and is home to the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts which is a large home for fashion. There are “numerous fashion ateliers” at their Fashion Quarter so feel free to shop till you drop!

Arnhem is also surrounded by lovely greenery with the Veluwe National Park on one side and the flood plains on the other. In Arnhem itself you will see stunning country estates and charming parks.

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Eat at:
Han Ting Restaurant has almost five stars on TripAdvisor and was awarded the Travellers’ Choice 2015 Winner. Customers have stated that it has “Amazing food!” and those who have eaten there previously have described the evening as a “Glorious night!”.

4. The Hague

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The Hauge is where the government of the Netherlands sits and is well known for its several international courts. The beach resort for Scheveningen is part of The Hague and the family-friendly Madurodam is en route. The Madurodam is an intriguing 1/25 miniature display of a fictional Dutch city. This is great for a family holiday as it is something everyone would enjoy!

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5. Rotterdam

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Rotterdam is seen as the most modern city in Holland and started off as a fishing village in the 13th century. It has a diversity of cultural offerings ranging through all seasons, for example Wednesday Night Skate where you skate for free through the centre of Rotterdam and the the Cameretten Festival which is a comedy festival that takes place in November.

Eat at:
Zeezout is a sea food restaurant with a 4.5-star ranking on TripAdvisor. It is said to be “Amazing!” and “Perfection.”.

6. Maastricht

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Maastricht is a town rich in history and culture, it is the home to two marvellous town squares. Vrijothof, which is home to many churches such as Sint-Servaas Church and many restaurants, bars and cafes. The other is called Markt which is home to the grand town hall.

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Eat at:
Rantree has a 4.5-star ranking on TripAdvisor and has been described as having the “Finest dine and wine experience.” and as a “Modern cuisine of high quality”.

7. Delft


Delft is in between The Hague and Rotterdam and has unreal scenery. The canals there are a serious highlight in this Dutch town. Other highlights include the 13th century Old Church and the Prinsenhof.

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Delft is a big place for fine ceramics and very interesting traditional hand painting which can be observed at the Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles.

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Eat at:
Van Der Dussen has a 4.5-star ranking on TripAdvisor and is portrayed as being “One of the best of Delft.” and as having “Great food.”

So if you ever travel through the Netherlands don’t forget to pass through all these sensational recommended spots!