The Top Five Most Haunted Locations in the UK to Visit this Halloween

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Calling all dark tourists, thrillseekers, and paranormal enthusiasts! Are you interested in exploring some of the UK’s most haunted towns and cities? You’re in the right place. We have compiled the most haunted places in the UK just in time for spooky season. If you’re looking to explore a creepy castle or partake in a ghost tour, October is the prime month to do it in. 

1. Chester, England

A place where spooky stories have circulated for centuries is the city of Chester, which is known for its eerie history and frequent paranormal activity. While many may not believe in ghosts, there are a variety of venues within Chester city centre that are infamous for their supernatural presences, including: The Pied Bull pub, Sofa Workshop, Thorntons, Barista’s Coffee Shop, and Dewa Roman Experience. If you’re interested in exploring the dark side of Chester, why not stay in Ye Olde King’s Head (also known as Chester’s most haunted hotel), to experience it for yourself?

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 Chester City Centre

2. Pluckley, England

Featured in the Guiness Book of World Records, Pluckley was named the most haunted town in England and is said to have between 12 and 13 ghosts including a colonel and the spirit of a horse and carriage. With many of the townsfolk reporting to have seen these phantoms throughout the years, it seems as though these ghosts are not shy. For those interested in seeing the ghosts of Pluckley for themselves, consider booking to go on the Pluckley Ghost Tour.

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Pluckley in Kent Drone Shot

3. Stirling, Scotland

The historic market town of Stirling in Scotland is well known for its unearthly atmosphere and has previously been described as ‘the most densely populated supernatural square mile in all of Scotland’. Similar to Chester, there are a number of reportedly haunted locations within Stirling, most notably Stirling Castle and the Old Town Jail, within which supernatural happenings and spirit sightings have been reported many times. There is a walking ghost tour that takes places frequently, a ghost hunt in The Old Jail, and visitor access to Stirling Castle.

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Stirling in Scotland eerie town centre

4. London, England

Certain areas of London are also rumoured to be incredibly haunted, particularly the Tower of London which is said to contain 13 ghosts, including those of Anne Boleyn, Lady Jane Grey, Henry VI, and even a bear. There are also rumours of spirits haunting the London Underground: a screaming woman has been seen and heard frequently in both Kings Cross St Pancras and Bethnal Green stations. Additionally, Covent Garden Station is said to be haunted by William Terris, an actor from the 19th century. It is suggested that many have seen the ghost of William Terris roaming the station wearing an opera cloak and mask. These are just a few of the numerous eerie stories and paranormal sightings within London… If you wish to find out more about London’s unworldly history why not partake in a ghost tour?

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5. Leicester – England

With over 100 reported ghost sightings, Leicester has got a reputation for being one of Britain’s most haunted cities. Belgrave Hall and Gardens is a museum in Leicester that was first built in the 1700s and has become well known for being a hotbed for the paranormal, even being described as ‘one of the most haunted houses in Britain’. Visitors have reported being touched by spirits and many have seen the ghost of a young girl. Additionally, Leicester Guildhall, Leicester Museum and Art Gallery, Newarke Houses, and Abbey Pumping Station are all said to be haunted. If you are intrigued to experience something supernatural for yourself, there are regular ghost hunts that take place at Belgrave Hall.

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Leicester city lake and bridge