This Week in East London: 13th – 19th November 2023

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Radical Landscapes: Art Inspired By The Land

William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park House, 531 Forest Rd, London E17 4PP

Entry: Free

The William Morris Gallery is a lovely spot to visit all year round, and yet, it just got all the more interesting. This exhibition showcases art that explores humans’ relationship with the land, and how that leads to both conflict and connection. It feels all the more poignant as we reach a moment of fever pitch in terms of climate change. The exhibition is being run alongside a number of schemes that encourage people to give back to the natural surrounds of the local area in Waltham Forest: there are collaborations with campaigners, allotments and more.

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Eat At:

Acme Fire Cult

Abbot St, London E8 3DP

You might not expect one of East London’s best restaurants to be tucked away in a car park in Dalston, and yet, it is. Acme Fire Cult, perhaps as the name suggests, is all about barbecued food. That might sound awfully summery, but it has a smoky feel to it that lends itself to these chillier months. Plus, the outside space is transformed with cosy blankets and sheepskins in winter in a way that’s unashamedly romantic. There are a handful of meat dishes on the menu, but vegetables are the star of the show here. There’s a coal-roasted celeriac that’s a must-eat, while the sourdough with “marmite” butter has been raved about since the restaurant first opened in 2022.

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Drink In:

Home Bar

5a Ravey St, London EC2A 4QW

Growing up watching soaps and TV shows, we expected to spend our adult years drinking in pubs where we knew both the staff and the patrons, and yet, that’s proven hard to find, especially in London. However, Home Bar in the heart of Shoreditch, manages to have that truly “local” feel to it, while welcoming in a mixture of tourists, locals and workers alike. In terms of the menu, it’s all about cocktails and Rasa, the owner, is always on hand to help recommend drinks for you. We have to warn you that while things all feel very laid-back when you arrive early evening, we’ve not yet managed an evening here without doing copious shots with new-found friends.


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