This Week in North London: 6th-12th November 2023

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Go For:

A Walk Around Woodberry Wetlands

New River Path, Woodberry Grove, Woodberry Down, London N16 5HQ

The last few weeks/months/years have been something of a wash out, and we’ve become used to drizzly climes and overcast skies. However, this coming Saturday looks to be sunny. There is nothing better than a crisp autumn day, and it’s an occasion that needs to be seized. There’s nowhere better in north London to do just that than Woodberry Wetlands. You’ll find two expansive reservoirs tucked away behind a modern housing estate, and it’s this location that means that the space never feels overcrowded.

The east reservoir is a dedicated nature reserve and has become home to an array of bird species, while the west reservoir is open for wild swimmers, kayakers and sailing afficionados all year round. It’s a slice of tranquillity in the heart of the city.

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Eat At:

Max’s Sandwich Shop

19 Crouch Hill, Finsbury Park, London N4 4AU

Sandwiches have become big business in London with new spots serving up bready delights opening almost monthly. However, one of the city’s oldest and best is Max’s Sandwich Shop in Crouch Hill. These are sandwiches, but not as you know them. They’re huge, for a start, are more than enough food for your dinner, and the fillings are incredibly creative. The current iteration of the menu includes a lasagna sarnie and another that’s stuffed with potato fritters.

They’re open for dinner between Wednesday and Friday, while at the weekends, a lunch service runs too.

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Drink In:

Little Mercies

20 Broadway Parade, London N8 9DE

Little Mercies is owned by the same people as one of our very favourite drinking spots, Three Sheets in Dalston, and enjoys the same understated laid-back feel. The decor is pared back, and the cocktail menu is fairly short. We always assume that this is to ensure that the quality of each drink is impeccable, because these are drinks that always hit the spot. Classics such as the porn star martini have been reimagined and made more grown up in a distilled form, while their own inventions often riff off seasonal ingredients.

We would say that this is great first date territory, but actually it’s the sort of spot that you only want to introduce to the people you really like!

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