Life’s A Beach: Our Top Five

Along with puppies, random bursts of warm weather in the middle of October and ice cream, beaches are hard not to love. Compared to the rest of the world, most are a kind of Utopia; where else can you find a soft, gentle walking surface on which to stroll barefoot, endless sunshine and a vast expanse of water to cool you down should the mood so take you? Nowhere, that’s where. There’s no denying that here at dealchecker we love a beach, so here are our top five.

Porto da Barra, Salvador, Brazil

Brazil boasts a wealth of lovely beaches that are crying out for this years bestseller and your finest swimming attire. The location of Porto da Barra is stunning; at the entrance of the spectacular Bahia de Todos os Santos, with a fort at one end and a whitewashed church on a hill on the other. The water is calm, clear and clean – lovely! According to resident Brazil expert Sam, you’ll find some of the best sunsets here too; the Porto is one of the few beaches in Brazil facing west!

Whitehaven, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia

There are a fair few candidates for the title of Australia┬┤s best beach, but according to our experts, Whitehaven has to take the cake. With fine white sand, clear turquoise waters with tropical forest on one side and various islands dotted around on the horizon, it’s got more than a touch of paradise about it. We suggest visiting for longer than a day – as the evening creeps on, most of the tourist hordes disappear and you’ll get the chance to relax on what feels just a little like your own private beach!

Image by kevgibbo


White-sand beaches, calm clear water and a bountiful barrier reef make the Turks and Caicos island of Providenciales a hot spot for families, snorkelers and divers. Some have even claimed the rock-free Grace Bay Beach is the best in the world! Wildlife lovers won’t to leave; there are majestic creatures of both land and sea to be marvelled at!

Image by Grenade

Zanzibar’s East Coast

If you’re looking for beige, beach resort luxury, this probably isn’t the one for you – whilst the beaches on the east coast of Zanzibar boast gorgeous sandy palm-lined beaches, and are the very definition of idyllic, they also offer visitors a lot more. The seafront is interlaced with traditional Swahili villages, including Bwejuu, Paje and Jambiani, each one rustic, charming and truly reflective of this part of Africa. These beaches are a chance to combine perfect beach beauty with a little of the real Africa.

Image by moron noodle

Bangaram Beach, Lakshadweep Islands, India

Luscious green coconut palms, fringed by pale white sand and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean sounds like a holiday not many would turn down. One of our experts has visited recently and found its low key atmosphere, relative tranquillity and beauty a winning combination! Bangaram Island is surrounded by a lagoon, and the ocean boasts a rich variety of sealife like puffer, parrot, angel fish, manta ray and eels!