This Weeks Top Winter Music Festivals – USA

This post is for you if…what you like doing is dancing in fields wearing wellies & glitter, surrounded by love, peace, sunshine, the people you love and beautiful music, but what you are in fact currently doing is sitting at a desk looking at ice build up on your window and wondering why you weren’t born South of the Equator. Friend, it’s time to book yourself some Winter Festival Fun! Here are just a couple of our top suggestions for the top anti-freeze festys…this week we’re focusing in on the US of A! We’ll be back with a few more suggestions next week!

Coachella – California, 15th-17th April 2011

Packed to the rafters with hot young things, Coachella is  where young good looking people come to feel even more young and good looking – you cannot cross the road without stepping on a model. From gorgeous long-haired girls in cut off denim and jaunty headware to sexy rocker boys acting like Jim Morrison reincarnated; this is not a festival from which it is acceptable to emerge sweating from the mud with your unshaved armpits blowing in the breeze – trust your good friends at dealchecker. Instead, what you’ll get is a highly glamorous, scene-y dose of hedonism complete with those good ol’ reliable California rays and some pretty spiffing music. Hey, it beats Hackney! From Marina and the Diamonds and Empire of the Sun to Duran Duran and the Chemical Brothers, its an eclectic mix this year – and there’s just as many celebrities in the festival itself as on the stage so keep those camera phones (slyly) at the ready!



Miami Winter Music Festival, 8-12 March 20111

This is the festival where all dance music lovers come to see, be seen and listen to some marvellous beats all under the canopy of the gorgeous Miami sun. With everyone whose anyone in the dance music world in attendance, the festival is really more of an awards ceremony for those who have made their mark in the world of electronic music –  but it is the pool parties that these big names play at that make the event what it is. Expect LOTS of busty Miami blondes in string bikinis – boys, don’t all rush for tickets at once.

Miami Winter Music Conference

There will be festivals from another desirable destination next week so stay tuned!

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