The Top 5 Safe Destinations

With the current unrest in Libya still unfolding at a terrifying and daily rate and the tragic aftermath of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan still affecting millions, conversation in the dealchecker office has recently turned to the safest destinations in the world. With all these unsettling world events occuring within days of each other, if you are in the process of planning your next holiday at the moment you might be a little more interested than usual in the security of your chosen destination – so here are five destinations that are known for their safety.


Singapore enjoys an extremely low crime rate and efficiently imposed law; it is regularly referred to as extremely safe and clean. It boasts a homicide rate of 0.38 and other crimes are generally few and far between. This could be something to do with the heavily penalties imposed for crimes (drug trafficking, for example, can sometimes be punished by death penalty…yikes!)

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Switzerland has one of the world’s highest personal and property safety records. Crime rates are very low, and with enviable healthcare and safe and efficient transport, you shouldn’t panic too much if you get stuck in a tight spot in this beautiful country. It is mercifully free from earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters and has an extremely low homicide rate. Perhaps we should all move there?

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Ireland boasts one of the lowest homicide rates in Europe – 0.32 per 100,000 people to be exact.  Despite problems in the past with the political divisions, it is now generally regarded as an extremely safe place, where the most violence you’ll encounter is a bit of drunken banter at the end of an evening. However, we have been told that there are a few spots in certain areas of Dublin you might want to avoid if you’re walking alone on a dark night!

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For years Denmark has been considered one of the world’s safest countries, with its people some of the happiest, most relaxed and wealthiest in the world. There is almost no risk of natural disasters or animal attacks in Denmark either and the country remains free from terrorist attacks and civil unrest.

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Despite the conflicts with Turkey that divided the island into the South and the North in the 1970s,  Cyprus is still ultimately viewed as one of the safest holiday destinations in Europe. The crime rate is minimal – locals have been known to boast about being able to leave their doors unlocked at night! Cyprus additionally has not been overly affected by natural disasters at any point. The combination of these factors  have made the island a very popular holiday choice for many people.

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